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  1. Open a "support" case inside the FSHud application and describe the problem. This sends the relevant log files to the developers. Remember this is a beta and under constant development right now.
  2. I never used AI F/G but I say that FSHud/FSLTL do a great job. FSHud is improving alomst daily right now in the beta 1.3.*. I really love this combo.
  3. The mod must be removed. A new and better version is in the AAU1.
  4. And some files to the "Documents foder" \Documents\LorbyAxisAndOhs Files\WebPages\wtcj4fmc
  5. Some new info here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/live-weather-report/481407?u=aviatordualm
  6. Strange... I can't see this in my Xbox Insider hub either. "This opportunity will become available on Monday, December 6th. At that time, please open up the Xbox Insider app and click the “Join” button under Microsoft Flight Simulator." https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/blog-december-2nd-2021-development-update/478125
  7. Did not see the update in "MS Store". Tested to sign out my account (in the store app) and now I got the update. Strange...
  8. A small step. Upvote this: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/atc-enhancements/385620/4
  9. I am using spad.neXt for my Alpha and this solved the 10 degree trouble for me. Long time user of spad.neXt anyway.
  10. Declare an emergency. Land at nearest airport. Request an engineer (you) to do the update and off you go 😋
  11. Sebastian Wloch explains the rolling cache and mentions numbers. Starting at 0:55 in todays dev Q&A: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/815451663
  12. A few pages up people are making the sim start if all usb devices are disconnected. You should try this and the connect one by one if it helps.
  13. Same here! All usb devices disconnected and now the sim is starting (before CTD every sim start)! Devices: Saitek Yoke, Honeycomb Alpha, Saitek FIP (x2), GoFlight MCP Pro, Playstation controller
  14. I am also on 20H2 but... CTD ever time when loading. Worked perfectly before update 😢
  16. I run my GF-MCP PRO via SPAD.neXt and have all functionality mapped in the CJ4 (only jet i use right now). I created the profile myself tho. List of working stuff: IAS/MACH, HDG, ALT, VS, LVL CHG, HDG SEL, APP, ALT HLD, V/S, V/S, DN/UP, L NAV, A CMD, DISENGAGE, F/D
  17. Hi, Is it possible to modify the path where the database is stored? I have a NAS and it would be convenient to place the database files on a network share and point both the "flying" and "remote" computer to this (unc) path and use the same database files. (And yes, I am aware of the possible conflicts of running the software at the same time on both computers. Best regards
  18. Thanks for the update @cwburnett and your work. Much appreciated! Just a thought from my side. I think it is better with small improvements released frequently than large updates which often gets delayed and takes long time to get perfect. If some small and simple things are fixed and released we can enjoy those things as we wait on other improvements. Keep up the good work!
  19. I have not have the time to test myself but I know spad.neXt have support for MSFS + GoFlight MCP (I own this device myself). But there are discussion about performance issues when things connect through SimConnect. But I am sure this will be resolved by A/MS in the near future.
  20. Some things I love to see in the ATC are: - Dynamically assign SID/STAR/rwy due to weather and current live traffic (for larger aircrafts) - Dynamically assign rwy due to weather for smaller aircrafts - Place you in holdings if required - Possibility to go from VFR to IFR if weather changes - Deny you landing clearance if conditions are to bad at destination - Help you with vectoring if you are not in a SID/STAR/route - Direct you (with vectors) to nearest suitable airport if you declare an emergency (Note 1: I am not in beta and do not know if some of this is already there) (Note 2: I have used ProATC/X for many years and loved it)
  21. Well, I meant the nickname . (ie the dot). Gives a minimal intrusive watermark... 🤪
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