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Prepar3D - Help with which version to buy

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Hi All,


I'm considering P3D v3, but I'm totally confused on which license I need to buy:  $199 or $59??  I've been a longtime FSX user, and have all the "power user" addons: ASN, UT2, PMDG, A2A, GSGlobal, UTUSA, EZCA, GEX.  You know...  all of it...


So, frankly, I've been disengaged and out of the loop on P3D, but I read a few reviews on P3D v3, and I get the impression that this sim is the way of the future.  But, I can't find a guide, or something like that, for a person like me who needs to understand the fundamentals of P3D so I don't jump in and make a bunch of bad choices, or not really understand what I'm getting into. 


What I know:  I'll probably have to re-buy add-ons.  Some might still work, but installers can be an issue.  v3 apparently has some pretty nice feature improvements over FSX?  v3 works (properly) in Windows 10 vs. the way FSX works, and also uses DX11.  v3 has better use of hardware, like offloading to GPU and SLI, and the OOM fix.


What I don't know:

1.  Lockheed says NOT for "Personal Consumer Entertainment".  So, that's that... can't buy it.  But I CAN buy it, and just lie to Lockheed, right?  (This is really confusing to me.)  So, if I can buy, having read P3D's "License Options" webpage the difference between the $59 and $199 versions is incredibly unclear.  Does anyone know the difference between an "undergraduate" and "graduate" feature set???  Anyway, I just don't want to buy the $59 version only to find out that you can't use retractable gear aircraft or something.  I'll gladly drop $199 if I have to.

2.  Am I correct in my perception that the sim community seems to be gravitating toward P3D, and it's probably the future, or am I misguided?


Anywho... please drop me some comments.


Much appreciated,


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Hey James,

Your question of which version to buy is a taboo subject here, and any answers provided will be deleted as it violates the EULA.

I suggest you do a Google search and/or use your best judgement on that decision.


As for the software you'll have to buy again for P3d...can't recall all the details, but it is widely known that PMDG requires you to purchase a license for each version of flight simulator you own/use. 

Other than that..... as a "general" rule, most aircraft you'll have to re-purchase, while other add ons such as scenery and utilities you do not.  Please check with each software dev for their policy.


I've been on P3d for a while now, and I see the advantages of it over FSX-SE (DX10 with Steve's DX fixer).  There is a lot to catch up on to get fluent with P3d I won't lie...but most if not all the info you need is right here on this forum...we have some awesome folks here who do all the leg work to discover how to get the best out of the app!

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