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(X-Plane 10) Nvidia Error Code 3

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I recently bought X-Plane 10 with some addons. But everytime I take off I get an Nvidia error and the program crashes. Maybe someone can help me with a fix or something.



  • Jardesign A320
  • Aerosoft Amsterdam EHAM
  • Osm Europe
  • HD Mesh V3
  • X-Plane 10.42


  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • i7-4770 @3.4 GHZ
  • Nvidia GTX 770
  • 16 GB RAM


Unable to recover from a kernel exception. The application must close.
Error code: 3 (subcode 7)
 (pid=528 tid=9040 x-plane.exe 64bit)
Visit for more information.
Happy Landings! Nick

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This was posted by nVidia as a response to Error Code 3.


That error is raised because of a kernel mode exception inside the display driver.
This normally happens when some bad data arrives at the kernel mode driver which cannot be executed on the hardware and forces the driver to stop.

This could be anything from an application to display driver software bug or defective system hardware.

If you overclocked anything in your system, set it back to the standard clocks and try again.

If that doesn't solve it, see if different display driver version show the same error.
You can find all available display driver for your board here:

If neither helps, it could still be defective hardware.
The first thing to check would be the host memory. Run a host memory test application and see if that indicates some defective RAM module. Exchange the faulty RAM modules and try again.

If that doesn't indicate an error, the next check would be to try a different graphics board of the same kind you have installed. Though if your user name indicates you see this problem on a GeForce GT9800, that product is from 2008 and I doubt that's still available eight years later.

I'd recommend to let someone with more recent hardware try your application and if that works, think about a system upgrade to some more recent hardware.


As others have not (as far as I know) had this problem, I would eliminate the X-Plane program as being the culprit and pursue the others.  It appears that is is Open GL related problem and could come from overclocking or bad DRAM.  First (and easiest) option would seem to be trying different drivers.


Good luck with your problem.



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The current nVidia WHQL certified driver is 361.75 for that video card.  Try a driver update before you dig much deeper.  I would also revert X-Plane back to a non-custom airport in a non-HD area and use a default aircraft to see if the problem lies in your scenery or aircraft (both of which are very complex).  Also check your log.txt file to see if there is a software clue in there.

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HD Mesh V3


Hey NVL,


i had same issues yesterday i saw your post about this and saw you using HD Mesh 3.

I have that one too completly, so what i did open custome scenery and opend my scenery_packs.ini file.

What i did there, to simple test a few things i just disabled the HD Mesh 3 like this.


As you can see i just put _DISABLED behind the SCENERY_PACK.


So there is no need to deinstall the whole Mesh.

My results about the change i didn't had any error again after i disabled it!

Surely i can't give guarantee that it works for you too or if it is really that problem, but you might wanna try it!


Greetings and clear skies!

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Had the same problem before as you and changed the video card driver to an older one.

After a month upgraded to the latest with no problem running ver 361.75 at the moment ok.

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After 2 days without any error code from the videocard i am sure it comes from the HD Mesh 3.

I guess my video card isn't enough powerfull to handle it, or the HD Mesh itself makes those problem.


Actually i am using the most recent video driver for my Nvidia.

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