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  1. Simply send them a ticket if something changes. I understand there is no limit on the number of resets for paid users. They are usually very quick to respond.
  2. I found with my 1440p monitor I can pull texture settings back a notch with no visible deterioration of the screen image. Also make sure if you have an nVidia card you have Threaded Optimization turned OFF in the nVidia control panel. And don't use nVidia Inspector -- you don't need it any longer as all controls you need are in the regular control panel at the 3D tab.
  3. On my system, changing Win10 seemed to change the ID that the X-Enviro server was seeing. Send a ticket to the xenviro.net website and tell them you're not getting through to their weather server. They are very fast at resetting things. Their customer service is very good.
  4. Actually there IS an update to RWC because of a METAR source change.
  5. In Windows, right-click on desktop to get menu. Open nVidia Control Panel. On the left, under 3D Settings, click on Manage 3D settings. Click on Program Settings tab. Choose X-Plane as a single program and make settings there for just X-Plane (not Global Settings tab).
  6. The position of library folders doesn't matter, although I like to keep mine near the bottom and all together for editing purposes. It looks as if you have some corrupted files. Download new copies and try again.
  7. I've noticed the same thing. After adopting X-Plane as my main sim, I rarely return to FSX (except to fly a couple of airports that don't appear in X-Plane and which I'm too lazy to build on my own). I find X-Plane, once I learned it, to be much better with views and some other features than FSX, and I always have a bit of trouble "re-learning" the keyboard and hat-switches when flying with FSX. It's what you get used to that matters.
  8. I don't know of any "switch" that sets baro pressure other than a couple of plug-ins that will set 29.92 for above FL180, but they are unique to the aircraft and not X-Plane.
  9. Great tutorial. I've been using WED for simple things for months and I learned a couple of things that I didn't know.
  10. I bought the Carenado 172II which is very nice. No avionics, just steam gauges. I don't know how they compare as I didn't want to buy the A2A to compare. Perhaps there are comparisons on the net somewhere. The Carenado is a very nice aircraft as you'd come to expect from their reputation.
  11. There is a 2K texture set now available for the MD-80.
  12. Yes, grass and sometimes dirt runways are tough to spot. In the real world, most pilots have flown into these areas and know where to look and what VFR references to use. In XP it can be a matter of flying over to find it and then coming back to land. Many small airstrips, unless you have specific custom scenery loaded, give you no clue as to where they are - just a slightly different color of grass. I use the HD Runway textures which helps a bit.
  13. Back off on the aa. I've run with that all the way from 2x to 8x and there isn't enough difference to sweat lower framerates if you don't have the GPU power.
  14. Both of those are great from Carenado - both updated to v3 for 10.35. In general, anything from Carenado or Alabeo is excellent. I also have some great aircraft from Shade Tree Micro, Jason Chandler, Alcala and MyVirtualHanger. The good commercial designers usually try to stay away from duplication, so you need to shop around if you have a specific model in mind.
  15. Most GA pilots and bush pilots today use a GPS mainly for safety regarding terrain clearance. The default map in X-Plane is limited in scope in not loading sufficient tiles to see far enough ahead to suit me. Like @Paraffin, I use the GPS mainly, but the XP Garmin GPS doesn't show terrain, so I use Plan-G for planning which is seldom a simple point to point direct route unless you're over flat country. I've also found that a GPS is almost mandatory when searching for those tiny grass airstrips hidden among the default landclass scenery.
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