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  1. Simply send them a ticket if something changes. I understand there is no limit on the number of resets for paid users. They are usually very quick to respond.
  2. I found with my 1440p monitor I can pull texture settings back a notch with no visible deterioration of the screen image. Also make sure if you have an nVidia card you have Threaded Optimization turned OFF in the nVidia control panel. And don't use nVidia Inspector -- you don't need it any longer as all controls you need are in the regular control panel at the 3D tab.
  3. On my system, changing Win10 seemed to change the ID that the X-Enviro server was seeing. Send a ticket to the xenviro.net website and tell them you're not getting through to their weather server. They are very fast at resetting things. Their customer service is very good.
  4. Actually there IS an update to RWC because of a METAR source change.
  5. In Windows, right-click on desktop to get menu. Open nVidia Control Panel. On the left, under 3D Settings, click on Manage 3D settings. Click on Program Settings tab. Choose X-Plane as a single program and make settings there for just X-Plane (not Global Settings tab).
  6. I switched to X-Plane and never went back.
  7. Thanks, Cameron. I'm holding out for the "ti" version and lower prices than the so-called "founders" edition which was at least $100 overpriced. It's just frustrating to have this big announcement and no one has any available unless you pre-ordered it. Not NewEgg, not MicroCenter, not Amazon. I'll wait for the faster version. The SkyMaxx 3.2 version has eased my "out of VRAM" problems for a while and I'll limp along on 4GB.
  8. Must be nice to be able to get six 1080's when every place I check is "sold out" with no estimate on availability.
  9. The sensitivity issue was addressed way back on the first page of this thread and bears repeating. Real life controls have a much longer "throw" or axis of movement than our cheap yoke and pedals and joystick. In order to incorporate the entire effective range of movement in our controllers, it is necessary to increase the linear sensitivity. So there are two choices - learn to use the more sensitive controls (which comes with practice), or de-sensitize the settings which then causes non-linear response which is also unrealistic. That's not an excuse, just a limitation in hobbyist grade controllers and a fact of life. As others have said, flying FSX after X-Plane is like flying an aircraft on rails. One is not necessarily better than the other, just different.
  10. You should be able to load the KSAN scenery into WED editor, "hide" the orthophoto layers (click the little "eyeballs off"), re-save the file and Export Scenery Pack. That should take you down to base mesh.
  11. You didn't say what version of Windows you're using. I agree, remove all plug-ins, restart and see what happens. Another try would be to delete the preferences file and let X-Plane rebuild it. (Save the old one in case that doesn't work so you don't have to reset everything). It does sound like a plug-in issue in which a plug-in is trying to perform some function at command prompt level and is unable to complete it. What does log.txt say?
  12. In Europe, you can encounter massive scenery loads on the system. As mentioned above, get a copy of GPU-Z and monitor the GPU VRAM load under those conditions. Also, you do not need the nVidia Inspector. All the controls you need are now in the 3D tab of the basic nVidia control panel (right-click on the desktop). I haven't had NI installed in years. Also, your AF settings are killing your GPU. Back them down.
  13. First, in the latest 10.45 version of X-Plane, LR made some corrections to reduce the tendency to steer left on power, as this had been an annoying problem in earlier versions and finally "fixed." Since Carenado had tuned their prop aircraft to the earlier X-Plane versions, they had to tweak their props to adjust for the new correction. If you bought your Carenado aircraft from Carenado, just go to their website and download the current versions which are all re-adjusted for 10.45. For other vendors and freeware aircraft, check the web sites to see if they have updated their aircraft. If not, simply load the aircraft into PlaneMaker, save it without any changes, and PlaneMaker will apply the "fix" automatically. DO NOT do this with Carenado aircraft or you will spoil their new adjustments.
  14. Yes, I'm surprised it took this long for someone to mention the MU2 from X-Aviation. Very unique aircraft and well modeled.
  15. A new install is rather drastic. If you're having trouble, learn to read the log.txt file for errors. The best way to "reinstall" without reinstalling the whole thing is to delete the preferences file.
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