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  1. I've tried various things, enable/disable traffic, real time weather, disable shader caching in Nvidia panel, the issue still persists. Took off from BIKF to HECA in FBW A320 at 30FPS with v-sync enabled. 4 hours into the flight, FPS are down to 10, and the system utilization is actually quite low. Sim shows limited by main thread but for no reason when I look at OS performance. CPU utilization is 30%, main memory utilization 6GB out of 32GB, GPU memory usage 3.7GB out of 8GB. Really at a loss where the bottleneck is, but doesn't seem system related.
  2. @AndrewB Noticed exactly the same thing yesterday! FBW A320, took off at 30-40FPS, mid-flight after 2h or so, was at 10-12. I initially thought it's because of the cloud cover but I landed in clear skies and no change. Interestingly enough, once I got on the ground, normal FPS again
  3. With MSFS2020, personally I don't see the point of third party scenery, other than airports.
  4. Can you turn off AI traffic? completely off, see if it helps
  5. I just discovered this LUA script, looks good: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/41529-real-haze-for-x-plane-11/
  6. Same here, I bought x-plane 10 just for trying ixeg 737. Took me a few days to figure it out, sceneries, addons, config etc. A very good youtube channel for x-plane beginners- Osamah Abdullah (Thank You!) Now I kinda kick myself for doing this, just because I don't use P3D anymore, where I have invested so much
  7. We need to factor in the platform as well, I am sure pmdg did not include rain effects and some other stuff due to the 32 bit limit as they wanted to keep the VA's down. No such thing with x-plane, the sounds, rain effects, textures on ixeg are superb as you don't have to worry about memory..
  8. One thing that blew me away in XP is lighting. Day or night it is much better than Microsoft based simulators..
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