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  1. I just discovered this LUA script, looks good: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/41529-real-haze-for-x-plane-11/
  2. Glad it worked for you! It helped me keep shadows at "Global High", I really like this (very expensive) setting.
  3. Hi all, Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but, new to x-plane here.. Changing "Multi-display/mixed GPU acceleration" to "Single display performance mode" provided an great frame rate boost, 50% or so. Noted this on a GTX970 and a new 1070
  4. It looks like the 10.50 autogen is using OSM.. would that mean that it will do what world2xp does now?
  5. The sounds and immersion on IXEG are impressive.. did not think this was possible with a flight sim. Just watch the PFDs flicker when switching the bus
  6. This is a feature in win 10, apparently to prevent swapping to disk. The problem is, it seems to be very aggressive in doing that. On a system with 16gb of RAM, and running x-plane, the process used 7-8, and "system and compressed" 2-3gb. It looks to me that the OS was always compressing/decompressing pages in RAM, although there was enough free available, task manager reported 65 % usage. The "system and compressed" also used 20-30 CPU . long story short, disabling the superfetch service stopped this behavior.. Probably some of you ran into this, just sharing my observation.
  7. Same here, I bought x-plane 10 just for trying ixeg 737. Took me a few days to figure it out, sceneries, addons, config etc. A very good youtube channel for x-plane beginners- Osamah Abdullah (Thank You!) Now I kinda kick myself for doing this, just because I don't use P3D anymore, where I have invested so much
  8. We need to factor in the platform as well, I am sure pmdg did not include rain effects and some other stuff due to the 32 bit limit as they wanted to keep the VA's down. No such thing with x-plane, the sounds, rain effects, textures on ixeg are superb as you don't have to worry about memory..
  9. One thing that blew me away in XP is lighting. Day or night it is much better than Microsoft based simulators..
  10. Perfect combination, on a clean Win10 install though. None of the USB disconnect issues experienced in Win8. The performance is on par with Win7 Stefan Ticusan
  11. I agree, I have upgraded from a 560Ti to a 970, FSX improvements were marginal if any while in P3D the frame rate virtually doubled.
  12. Agree with others, for the countless hours of enjoyment they provide, PMDG products (and other high quality add-on makers) are actually a great deal. For me at least, PMDG is an instant buy.
  13. This is quite right, if you divide the price to the countless hours if enjoyment we get out of it, it's a very good deal.
  14. I have just upgraded from a 560Ti 2gb to a 970 4gb. Not much increase in fps with fsx and dx10, totaly different with P3D 2.4, 50% maybe more.. Quiet and cool too
  15. There are three more in Linework, I hope you folks are aware..Stefan
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