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  1. Does anyone have a list or the airports that come with WU13... The MS comments don't cover all the airports included. Thanks
  2. I used 1 base station in front and above my monitor for ages.... I found sometime that when I am looking to the right and down to the pedestal (at rear of pedestal dialing in sqk code etc I would loose tracking. I purchased a 2nd base station and mounted to the right on a tripod. This fixed the problem.
  3. My Aero arrived yesterday and setup was straight forward.... I left all my setting as I had with my G2... My initial reaction was "wow" the clarity in the PMDG 737 cockpit is a big improvement you can reading all the instruments and FMC clearly... I did a couple of flights and you soon get use to the added clarity. My fps is sitting between 42fps and 50fps with a 35PPD (high) setting in the headset. I have bumped up my setting in the sim and adjusted NIS in OpenXR Toolkit currently 85% and 100% in the Sim. One thing I have noticed that with external tracking there is no more cockpit shaking but you do get the bounce when going down the runway and taxi (which is super cool if you have a buttkicker)... The headset tracking with external base stations is way better that the G2.
  4. My Aero arrives tomorrow.. I am upgrading from a G2, here's hoping for a big boost in clarity. I am using the same setting in openxr toolkit. 85% and 100% I have increase the setting in the Sim as I have a hi end system and with the G2 using PMDG 737 or FBW very seldom go below 40fps.. My system is a 12900k @ 5 with a 3080TI
  5. Great article . Looks like the Varjo is going to be the go to headset for VR. We just need motion reprojection to complete the package. I am using a HP G2 with a Ultra High end system and looking forward to see how much of a visual improvement I get with a Varjo.
  6. I agree but I do find the cockpit a bit small compared to the FBW Airbus A320. I have sat in both cockpits in real life. I have bumped my World Scale to 110% to compensate. HP G2 using OpenXR Toolkit Andrew
  7. I agree but I do find the cockpit a bit small compared to the FBW Airbus A320. I have sat in both cockpits in real life. I have bumped my World Scale to 110% to compensate. HP G2 using OpenXR Toolkit Andrew
  8. This whole open beta testing and hotfix is a bit of a joke... Why have Asobo neglected to fix this obvious Tool Bar window error in VR... There has been enough talked about it over the FS Forum. This Sim is fantastic in so many ways in VR but Asobo continue to shoot themselves in the foot. Frustrating VR User Andrew
  9. I have update to the latest dev version and have no sound after MSFS update? Not sure if this is a Salty issue or MSFS issue Regards, Andrew
  10. Hi, Anyone having the mouse not respond for a few seconds in VR... The arrow locks every few minutes Thanks Andrew
  11. Manuel, We have made progress !.. I followed your instructions and initially had the the same problem... (at this point the config window was open to check port no,) I closed the config window and Fs2crew command center started to work.. I have check the night mode off an on and all seems to be working fine... In the updated version it seems that the command center will not work if the config window is open. I have check this a few time, if the config window is open the program pauses (command center non responsive) once I close the config windows everything is fine. (certainly on my machine anyway) I never had this issue in the previous version. Thanks for your help... Andrew
  12. Will do... The icons I am referring to are the clock (start pre-flight), mute button, and the checklist help in the command centre. The dialog box is blank but fs2crew has loaded and is working. (2d mode) Fs2crew is showing in the MSFS toolbar and works (brings up the command centre) but as i said when you select FS2crew FBW nothing happens. Cheers Andrew
  13. Manuel, I did try this. The process i followed was to uninstall , manually remove the files from the community folder. I also delete the exe.xml file … I reinstalled and the same problem occurred. I will double check the troubleshooting guide.. but I am sure I have not missed anything.. What is puzzling is that if I overwrite with the VRbeta version everything works fine.\ Cheers Andrew
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