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  1. I having a problem with voice control... Everything starts off ok but after a period of time the voice activations stops working... I have to go into cfg enable button and then enable voice and everything is back to normal.. Sometime this last for a few commands then I have to complete the whole process again... Sometimes its fine for the remainder of the flight Thanks Andrew
  2. Problem fixed... I uninstalled QW and reinstalled then installed latest ver of FS2Crew set up as be instructions All working fine Cheers Andrew
  3. Did all of those things...and double checked. I will go over the process again I downloaded for the full install from Flight1 after Fs2crew QW was released so I assume includes SP3 Thanks
  4. How do I stop the double call outs.... I have unchecked all the stuff in QW but still get the call out from FS2Crew and QW Thanks Andrew
  5. No idea why this is suddenly happening but I am losing FS2Crew audio after engine start... All good beforehand.. FS2Crew is still working, Mic is working but no audio response. I have completed many flight with FS2Crew and the 777 using 4.3 but since updating to 4.4 I had this happen every flight... I have do all the checks suggested in the FAQ.. Regards, Andrew
  6. Hi Guys, I have been using FS2Crew 747 since it was released without any issues... Since PMDG released the new update and 747-8 I have had CTD using the 747-400 Any suggestions..? Andrew
  7. Hi guys, In all my aircraft, lateral movements decrease by itself... which means all my camera move very slowly to the left.... Any ideas how to fix this?
  8. I have the same problem.... I have tested with the REX presets and the same issue occurs... Zero clouds. Andrew
  9. you can use the Orbx airports in V4 without objectflow...If you have V3 install you can copy over the airports you want... Just make sure you follow the same dir structure... and don't forget the script files for the relevant airports...
  10. Hi guys, X64 version... The sound disappears after you use the PMDG pushback option.... Everything else is working... If you don't use the PMDG pushback then no issues with sound.... Andrew
  11. Mark, I am please to say that everything is working fine.... Thanks for all your hard work. Happy Camper Andrew
  12. Mark, I tried what you suggested... It made no difference... I am using Samsung Android tablet V4.4.4 and Chrome Thanks Andrew
  13. Hi Mark, Thanks for the new version.... I noted you mention that there would be sound from the tablet when you push the buttons on the FMC... On my tablets I cant get any sound... Other than that everything else is fine Rgds, Andrew
  14. Fixed.... Calibration issue with FSUPIC
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