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Archer II repaints and their accompanying strife

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I've been receiving emails lately on a daily basis from this "Aberta Baldwin" person, who, near as I can figure, is a 79 year old woman from Georgia. She writes the following...


"We've rejected every Archer II that you have ever painted because you're using fictitious reg #'s on them that belong to other aircraft. Why do you do that???????? Why do you screw them all up like that? There are many Archer II's out there to paint, why don't you just paint them instead of what you're doing?????????? Whadda waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hummmmmmmmmmmmm???????????? Just curious to know why? Do you need help with this?"


Why yes, Aberta... I need help with this!


Then she attaches photos downloaded from various aircraft sites to prove to me that my reg #'s belong to other aircraft! 


This poor soul is really getting upset about it! And she says "we've". I wonder who "we" is? (I hope they don't come knocking on my door to haul me away to repainters prison). 


Wow, Aberta... just wow!

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LOL - just appreciate the comments - for the most part - I've found freeware guys don't get much acknowledgement after uploading something - even when it's downloaded thousands of times... I've always found it a bit anticlimactic uploading into the void of the file library after untold ours of work... I'm happy even with critical feedback... These are a bit out there though...




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My memory may be failing but the name Aberta rings a bell. He/she/it was most abusive about the 406 Caravan I did in DHL livery. Now I only ever do real planes but because he/she/it couldn't see it on the (forget the company that leases out to DHL) website, his/her/it's gasket was blown. I ended up returning the abuse...In spades. :BigGrin:


EDIT: It's Westair Namibia.

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