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Flew a proposed Memorial Flight route today - KAVL~KCHO

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This flight logged in at 1.9 hours including taxi out and taxi in. Active runway at Asheville required a takeoff to the south and I turned right (west ) for my climb out to HMV VOR.  That added some time.  However I flew a Baron E55 at 9,000 and 180 kts IAS with an average wind factor of +16 and I read one opinion that if this route is chosen the speed will likely be 160 IAS to accommodate more aircraft types.  Believe all of that is still under development, just mention it as it factors into the time required for the flight.


Anyway, I captured a series of screen shots that capture the character of this route; one that has been suggested.  What you see is Megascenery Earth 2 North Carolina and Virginia, and a pair of freeware airport scenery add ons, KAVL and KCHO.  I believe both are in the Libraries here on Avsim.


Much of the flight was IFR, flying with FS Global Real Weather and cloud textures from REX OD E+.




































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Thank you. Know there is a big gap in ambient lighting between the sun behind me image and the second image after that one.  Was total IFR in the interim so nothing to show. Even the dusk images are IFR, but at least colorful.


I completed a flight to KCHO from the opposite direction a couple of weeks ago, from my home field at Easton, Md, (KESN), also to ILS 03. From the MilViz Baron B55 the approach in both instances seems misaligned to the right, but correcting for that has on both occasions put me off to the left nearing the threshold. I have over 200 hours and 100+ approaches in the B55 and do not recall any similar experiences.


Need to fly it two more instances. Once again in the Baron B55 showing more patience, and once in a different aircraft type.  Need to make sure there is not an issue with the freeware KCHO I have loaded.

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Love those....North Carolina/Virginia beautiful flying country!



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