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Desk Pilot Professional

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Our goal is to provide a reliable shared cockpit solution for all of your favourite complex aircraft in one exclusive product. Desk Pilot is capable of syncing everything in the flight deck from switches to yokes and everything in between.
You will be able to conduct online multi crew flights with your friends from across the globe. Friends are busy? Try our lobby feature! You can find and connect to other likeminded pilots with a click of a button. The lobby is currently undergoing changes and is unavailable.
The current build supports Microsoft Flight Simulator X, PMDG Simulations Boeing 737 NGX and the PMDG Simulations Boeing 777X.
P3D Functionality will be added to the product at later date. It will be automatic and free.
Functionality with other aircraft from PMDG Simulations and/or other complex aircraft will included with major updates provided via our update servers. You can also download the updates from your online store.
Our smart phone application can connect straight to Desk Pilot. You can change pilot roles and settings with a touch of a finger. Android & iOS. The smart phone application will be released at a later date.
Feeling lucky? Try out GREMLIN mode and see if you can endure randomized components being switched on/off!

Desk Pilot Management System (PMS)


This is one of the new additions to professional edition. You can access the core features and change settings while in flight! Without the need to leave the simulator. Now you may notice that the PMS looks like an aircraft CDU? That's because it is! See that button at the bottom labelled "Mode"? This will toggle between aircraft CDU mode and the PMS. This is required if you'd like to sync your CDUs button presses in certain third party aircraft. At the moment it's compatible, required with the PMDG Simulations 737 NGX and the PMDG Simulations 777X. The pilot management system will automatically change its appearance and functionality to suit the selected aircraft.


The image below is of the pilot management system in PMDG Simulations 777X mode.




To learn how to use the pilot management system consult the manual and/or video documentation after release.


Desk Pilot Configuration


Another new addition. This allows you to quickly change settings, key assignments and other features.




Desk Pilot Professional is a multi aircraft product that will evolve over time and only get better! You will only need to purchase one licence, all updates and aircraft addition will be free for licenced users.

Michael Harders

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I find it really hard to get detailed information on this product and what's different in it compared to the free version. For example, are all functions aside from FMS and the alt-menu items now synced, or are there still systems in the aircraft that can only be operated by one of the two pilots (if I can't dump the automation and go hands-on and let my PNF take care of the switches and stuff, what's the point, really)? And is it now possible with peer-to-peer without the use of FSX Multiplayer?

Magnus Meese

NGX Pilot

VATSIM C1, SUP and Pilot

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The CDU is synced via the pms gauge while in cdu mode and menu items for the 737 NGX can now be assigned to key assignments. The key assignments are bi-directional - PF & PM can use them at the same time.


The servers GUI, pilot management system and key assignments can be used to exchange switch control. You can offload the whole system to the client or server and only fly the aircraft if you wish.


FSX Multiplayer is still required, many people have enquired about syncing the aircraft in a single player session. We will investigate the possibility but can't guarantee it.

Michael Harders

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I'll buy it if there is no need for any work around with separate panels or key-assignments. Controlling the whole flight from the VC - as you can with the AS Airbus.

Lennart Hansen

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