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moved USB around Go-Flight not working

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I had to test some Linux software so I disconnected my all six Go-Flight modules so they wouldn't do weird things with Linux.  When I reconnected, I must of put them in different ports, so now they don't work.


I reconfigured  them in the  GF software, but when I start up FS, they don't work.  And now, when I am in the GF software, they don't light up.  I really messed this up.  They do at least light up when booting up.


It seems there must be some GUIDs in a file that is wrong somewhere.  Any hints?


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There's a windows 8 fixer command file to run in an admin window where the go flight software is installed at.


Also, in the p3d config file somehow it thought I had two GF 48s  (i.e. GF_48_1 and a GF_48_2).  I deleted the second one.


I tried all sorts of uefi settings from disabling usb 3 to enabling a usb patch-including locking out my usb keyboard and mouse, I don't know if any of them helped or are needed, but the above two fixes definitely helped.  

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I don't know GoFlight but I have recently been trying to figure out Standard.xml (and largely failing). However, I noticed that when you plug in a device to a new USB port FSX creates a new entry for it in \Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\Controls\Standard.xml like this:

        <Name>Logitech Extreme 3D SLEW {7433AB10-9688-11E5-8001-444553540000}</Name>
        ...lots of entries for button mappings
When it does this it assigns default mappings to the buttons and axes of the device. However, the old mappings still exist in another entry. You could do one of two things. First, unless your file is hopelessly messy because you have unplugged/re-plugged many times, you could identify the old entry for a device (perhaps by looking at the button mappings) and then swap the GUIDs in this and the new entry. (Alternatively, you could copy the body of the SimControls.Map structure, just in case the order within the file has some significance.)
I suppose you could also just remove all the devices and working one device at a time, plug it into other USB ports in turn until you find one that works (which is presumably the port it was plugged into before). This option could take ages if you have to run FSX each time. It will also potentially add even more entries to Standard.xml.
This is assuming your efforts so far have not messed things up in other ways :sad:  Good luck, and report back if any of this works!

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