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Okay landing commands question

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Hi everyone,


Just to say only been using MCE under a week and struggling with a few commands, I am using PF3 as my ATC.


I have been using the "suggested work flow with MCE.pdf" to get me used to the way MCE works. My last two flighs I have had a few hiccups, I have flown EGKK to EGFF, not that really matters but on approach to EGFF the approach controller gives me approach clearance for ILS 12 and to contact tower when established.


So I confirm I am switching frequency and swap to 125.00 for tower. This is where it goes wrong, I am checking the paperwork and don't see what commands I need to use when initially contacting tower. I have tried the usual "tower, callsigns, with you" check in and nothing. As a result I try to do a go around and announce that, once again to no response from ATC.


I posted on the PF3 forum thinking its a issue with the ATC, my logs were checked and it showed me getting appoach clearance and me swapping frequency, but it didn't see the right button press for contacting tower.


So I'm trying to find out what the correct phraseology is firstly for the first contact to tower after approach handoff and also what the correct go around is as well.


I have been through all the voice training and that's not helped in anyway.


Regards Rob

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hi Rob,


you're much futher then me with PF3 and MCE :smile: .

Already got stuck with the readback. (Never got it)

Also trying to find the sentences to say. (see on kneeboard what AI is saying but not mine!!!)


For tower (after approach) , have you tried "tower 'callsign' (is)  established runway x"?


For go around (with RC4) was " is miss approach runway x". Maybe that will work with PF3 as well :wink:


Best regards

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Hi starter,


Thanks for the reply :)


Sadly I have tried those commands and variations of that as well, I spent an hour going the the ATC commands and the PF3 interaction guide supplied, just trying to work out a few variations I could try. But as yet nothing has worked so far! The only way to get clearance is for me to manually use the PF3 key press it expects and then I get my clearance.


I know it's new software to me but it's getting frustrating when the rest and even the taxi in goes fine.


Anyway starter thank you for your input :)


Regards Rob

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