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fsx_posky_b747-400_panel_project_jeanne panel in FSX

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I'm hoping someone can help me out.


I'm having an odd issue with the fsx_posky_b747-400_panel_project_jeanne panel in FSX as modified by Ken Wigginton.  I have contacted Ken but after his reply I'm still not sure what to do and am hoping someone might know.


Here are the messages...

Hello, Ken.


I'm hoping you can answer a question for me regarding the "fsx_posky_b747-400_panel_project_jeanne" panel in FSX.


It seems that I'm having an issue with the throttles.  One and two move independent but for some reason three and four are locked together.  If I try to move just three, both three and four move and adjust.  And if I try to move just four, both levers move but only thrust for three changes.


Do you think you can help me figure out what's going on?




I doubt that I can be of much help as I don't use variational throttle inputs.  The VC panel in this package uses one form of Ken Mitchell throttle .xml, which, if I read it correctly, is a three-input system with macroed clicks; and the 2D uses a four-input system tied to a uni-throttle control.  Ken is long retired from flightsim and I don't know "why" they are written that way, but he was pretty clever about MSFS' limitations and what could be done.  (In other words, I doubt that his coding is a "mistake".)  Good thin with .xml, of course, is anyone can open it with Notepad and read it and tinker with it for themselves.  Just save an unaltered copy so you have a fallback if things go haywire!




Any help from the group would be greatly appreciated.



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This may be a dumb question, but could this be something to do with being able to select individual engines (E+1, 2 etc.) within the sim?

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Not unless there is something unusual about the files that makeup this particular panel/throttle.  The examples given above happen when clicking/dragging on the throttle in the panel window or when using a GoFlight Throttle Quadrant.


(Other aircraft are okay.)

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