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FPS depends where you look?

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Was doing a test flight last night and picked a cloudy rainy default airport with the Aerosoft Airbus since the Airbus was really the only aircraft really dipping into the teens when in cloudy conditions previous to the v3.2 update.


FPS started out fine around 30. But I realized as I changed view the FPS acted differently. In outside the aircraft view when I looked up at the clouds it dipped down into single digits. But in that same outside view if the camera was pointed down towards the aircraft it was smooth back at 30fps.


I know since having to go back to 4xMSAA and 4XSGSS that performance would still suffer a bit but thought I may have fixed it with reducing the cloud.cfg to pre-REX levels talked about in another thread here.


I know there is usually a difference going from VC to outside but didn't realize that where the camera looked affected the FPS.


Any thoughts? No other way to smooth out bad weather/cloud conditions other than reducing AA?

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Almost objects and the ground textures have multiple levels of detail (LOD). The farther away that the viewpoint is from an object, the lower the LOD and the easier it is on your hardware. An object's lower LOD levels consist of both models with less geometric detail and textures with less resolution.


When an object has many levels of detail (such as the outside view of the aircraft or a building), minor changes in the viewpoint can cause measurable changes in framerates.


Some objects even have an "empty" LOD, which causes them to disappear at a certain distance.

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