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Strange startup problem... need Crash detektives

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Hey Pilots!


First, I know there are many many possible reasons for such a problem, but I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced such a crash and maybe a solution for it.



Yesterday FSX was starting as normal. Today when I start it (yes, as admin) I can see the splashscreen. But after 15sec or so it disappears and thats it.

BUT, when I trie to start FSX again and again, it will work at some point... so to say, it will start on the third or fourth trie.



The only thing I did yesterday is installing some packages from the World of AI site... but I have no Idea how this can cause such problems.



PC restarts

Let FSX create a new .cfg

Let FSX create a new logbook.bin

and I started the Windows event viewer on my WIN10 - but I dont have an idea how I can see something interesting with it ^^

Created this topic


Maybe you have an Idea what I can do, search, investigate.... on this problem? 


Thank you very much!

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Maybe you have an Idea what I can do, search, investigate.... on this problem?


If you have a dll.xml in the same folder as your fsx.cfg, move that to a temporary folder and restart FSX.  If it restarts, then you have a problem with a module in the dll.xml.  When FSX first starts up it loads the modules in the dll.xml.


The AVSIM CTD Guide, page 2, provides instructions on how to use the Event Viewer but basically, you search for Event and look up in your menu and click on Event Viewer.  Once open, go to Custom Views and then Administrative Events.  This provides you with every recent event that might have caused the crash.  If you see a FSX entry, double-click on it and it will open up into a new Window.  In the new Window, look down to the bottom left and you will see Copy.  Press this button and the crash will be recorded to your clipboard.  Come back here and in a new post, right click inside the post and select Paste.  The crash will show up in the post.


I don't know anything about the World of AI but that might be the problem and you may have to uninstall and reinstall it.


Best regards,

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I think (hope) I found the reason for the problem. Today I tried it again and get a message on startup that FSPassengers X is causing a problem with the dll. I found a topic in the FSPassengers forum regarding a problem on the startup.


I just deinstalled FSPassengers and it looks the problem is gone for now...

Dont used FSPassengers X in the last time since it has some quirks with WIN10, always had problems with it - no great loss for me after deinstall.

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