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Blending scenery in

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I think that I may have an issue shortly with my first attempt at an airport i'm trying my hand at.

As this is my first one I'm unsure on a lot of things

The first thing really is how do i get my airport photoscenery base to merge with the exsisting land textures.

I'm using ftx global, europe lc and global vector, however the default global scenery is a very poor match with the airport.But with the area i am using to create the airport,i can make it look slightly better.However i have no idea the best way to blend the edges of my scenery to the global base scenery.Can someone point me in the direction of any tutorials,or offer any advice on the best way to go about this.


If anyone is a member of the Orbx forums

I posted a message on there about the poor match up with their scenery.

It does not show my photo map but how the default global scenery looks, so you see a bit better why i'm trying to use a wider area than the airport.


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That will help with the tone mapping, the other thing to do is try and make the scenery edges a road or forest wherever possible and if not fade out the edge in the scenery mask so you don't have hard lines.  It's been a couple years since I played with this but if I recall you accomplished cutting the photo scenery by using a B/W mask of the scenery referenced in the BGL build .INF, black transparent, white visible.  You also had to build a B/W water mask to let the compiler know where water is if you have any, Black is water, White land. Fading around the edges in the water mask can also create a shallows effect. 

One other thing that's fun to do especially if you're using a large image is put some autogen trees on it.   The SDK has the autogen tool you'll need.  It's a bit of a learning curve at first but once you have it setup it's pretty easy to do actually, as simple as drawing a poly and saying... "let there be these kind of trees.", and there's lots to choose from.  Ah.. the fun I had trying to find the right autogen to match'll get real familiar with the compile  Once you have that mastered, the next thing to look into is doing seasons which are additional photo scenery images you reference in the build .INF.  

A simple project to improve my local regional that I thought would take a few weeks ended up taking half a year... it's addicting playing God. 


Orbx off the left wing, photo scenery w/custom building on the right using the road as a divider. 


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