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Changing settings for different flights

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I was just curious. How many of us have different settings for different flights? And what have you found is the best way to use them? I think of individual prepar3d.cfg files or using a program like Simstarter to control profiles.


I see that a lot of users just set it and forget it but from reading some of these posts, it seems that some have different settings depending on aircraft or scenery or whether it is a day or night flight.


Might be interesting to discuss the how and why's.


not really thinking about those that are testing but just for day to day flights.




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Hi Vic,


Here I have 4 different p3d.cfg files which I can load by batchfiles on my desktop :

- fair + cloudy weather

- overcast weather

- overcast + rainy weather

- night


I also have a very nice FEX cumulus cloud which I can load by another batchfile.


In the past I tried Simstarter, but imho the way I do it now is easier ...

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I use the save/load config feature built into P3D.  It makes it as simple as selecting the config from a dropdown box when you create a flight.  I have separate configs based on the type of aircraft I intend to use.  I have one for Airliners, GA, GA-IMC, Q400 and PilotEdge.  I mostly change the amount and ratios of GA vs. Airliner traffic as well as autogen levels.

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Right now I have two saved settings cfg's for P3D (saved from within the sim, using the options screen), one for GA and one for airliners. Main differences are (a lot) lower autogen settings for the airliner and AI (GA has higher GA AI and airliner has higher airliner AI). I simply load the config I want on the scenario screen of P3Dbefore starting the flight. No need to copy and paste cfg's themselves or use simstarters.


I also have saved flights for my various planes. So I have set up a default flight with a default plane and after that I restart P3D, load the plane I want and then save the flight. I place a shortcut to that saved flight on my desktop and I start P3D by clicking on the saved flight from the plane I want to fly. I don't fly many planes so right now I have three saved flights on my desktop.


So whenever I want to fly I 1. double click on the saved flight of the plane I want to fly, 2. chose the settings cfg that fits the plane and 2. set the departure destination and time of day and that's it. I specially like not having to pick the plane form the list everytime.

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