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A technical question concerning VAS management in P3D 3.2

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As I am just wondering, so as I understand this...scenery that you are within the LOD range of,  unloads now...and frees up VAS, as you leave the visual coverage of that scenery 360 degrees around you, right?  That is the new feature over v2.x?


Can you still choke up VAS in v3.2 to the point of a CTD, or no?

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Correct.  Only photoscenery loads no matter where it is located in the world and during your flight.  So, say, you are flying over Orbx/FTX stuff, you don't need photo scenery enabled but you can keep your Orbx/FTX stuff enabled as it will not load until you come into view of the scenery.  Anything in your scenery/world/scenery folder will load though and FTX/Orbx puts some of their autogen there.  Most of it will be disabled, with a .XXX extension, if you use their utility to go to the default scenery.


If you run a VAS log like that used by FSUIPC, you can see VAS usage going up and down and it really goes up when you are descending and preparing for your final approach depending on the scenery you are arriving at.


Many are "choking up VAS in v3.2" and getting a CTD.  Crank up all of your settings, load up a payware aircraft, and take off from FSDT KORD and land at FlightBeam KIAD.  Make sure you have ASN or any weather program running in the background.  The chances are better if you also fly over photo scenery.  Most of the time, but not always, you'll run out of memory (VAS).  I have successfully run out of memory with this flight plan and my settings weren't even cranked up!


If you ever want to see what is running in the background during a flight, try using the Process Monitor setup I created in the AVSIM CTD Guide where only P3D and P3D addons are processed during your flight.  It creates a large file though (+8GB's) so be careful.  There's a newer version of the CTD Guide about to be released and it will have images providing detailed information on how to set up Process Monitor but the current guide provides good guidance too.  You'll see flightplans being generated by AI programs and there's a lot of that going on during a flight.  I think it's a great tool for troubleshooting or investigating a crash.  Just think, if you are just monitoring P3D, just think of all of the Windows actions going on in the background too depending on how you have Windows configured.  For instance, you might see schedules being accomplished like updating a program or checking for updates, your anti-virus program scanning, and many other schedules going off in the background.  This is why it is hard to determine why some get a crash with the exact same P3D configuration and others do not.  There's so much going on.


Best regards,

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Thank you very much for that great explanation, Jim!


Thank you!



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