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Carenado T210 Panel Mod

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It was a toss-up whether to post here or under the Carenado forum (which seems mostly FSX)...If I chose incorrectly, mods please move.


I recently purchased the Carenado T210 for X-Plane, and it's a nice it a lot.  The issue I have is with my instrument scan.  It has a fancy digital/analog altimeter in the normal spot in the 6-pack.  These old eyes can't see the little digital pointer, and the digital 'meter' is not a very precise way to hold altitude.  This is important to me as I will use it to practice my instrument scan and procedures for RW flying.


It also has what I'll call a 'normal' altimeter (two pointers and a kollsman window) at the lower left corner of the panel (apparently meant as a back-up indicator).  Same size, etc, as the other one.


I loaded up Plane-Maker and there's nothing in either the 2 or 3-D panels that are recognizable as instruments.


Two-part question....does it violate copyright to switch these two instruments on my copy only....and even more importantly, if PlaneMaker won't do it, is there a way for a mere mortal (computer savvy, XP not so much) to make the change?





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Old eyes?

That pointer is so tiny and hardly visible, I agree.

Very hard to see  our vertical movement in a glimpse.


I have two answers: 


No you do not violate any copyrights when relocating some gauges for your own use only.

Publishing it is something else.

Changes to a model wich effect the default aircraft and all its liveries is completely different from a "repaint" of a part of that plane.


A better solution is to make the pointer on the digital altimeter more visible.

I am not a guy just shouting things ,so I did the job for you right away. 
Quickest paintjob I ever did , just repainting a pointer and some figures.


Just unzip this zip into the objects folder of the Centurion.

If you do that all liveries will have the new pointer and figures.
When you place the files in the objects folder of your favorit livery, this livery alone will benefit it.

Its always wise to make a back-up from the files involved.


Download here:


Now you have a very good visible pointer and  whats more important,especially by night.







Leen de Jager




I`ll add this extra visability to the altimeter in my next repaint  ( to be published shortly)   tigersmall.png


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My pleasure TREVG, its always good to see some appreciation.


Asking for help on a forum is fine.

Getting an answer or positive response is even better.


I am always disappointed ( and a bit angry) when I get no response from the initial poster of the question.


Some people ( obviously like shazam )  seem to think this forfum is a place to ask and be answered, likewise an answering machine.

Kinda free service a visitor is entiteled too.


NO shazam , this is friends helping friends and  reacting positive on being helped is the least you could do.




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Leen, I accept completely your condemnation.  I agree that I have been completely remiss in not getting back here after posting the question.  My only, and necessarily generic, defense is that 'life' intervened, and I just this minute saw your response.  I hope you accept my sincerest apology and thanks for your efforts.  Again, my sincerest apologies and thanks for your work.



I loaded it up, and the new pointer solves the problem completely.  I am in awe that people with talents like Leen share their expertise willingly.  Again, I thank you, sir!!!



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Apologies accepted (naturally) 

I am happy this solves the problem.





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