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Unhandled Exception creating fp EGLL to EGFF

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X-plane 10 with limited default plugins

default 747-400


Flight plan being constructed in the following sequence




Dept apt EGLL. wpt WOD (vor) Dest apt


Adding SID for EGLL   (pilot2atc Recommended SID RW09L-CPT5J-CPT)  I selected RW09L-CPT4K-CPT


FP now reads







CPT 114.35



I now tried to add  EGFF STAR Recommended STAR RW12-CDF1C-CPT


it was at this point the errors started I have enclosed various screenshots

One problem was the warning cannot calculate TOD and the  Cruise alt defaulted to FL260 Plan GS 400 and the descent rate 2000 I was unable to edit these without the same warning.

Eventually by clicking ok repeatedly I was able to continue to select EGFF Approach but thats when the program finally locked up and had to be closed.

I have several screenshot of each step which I have attached to a covering  email sent to

( I do not have a flicker acc or have a picture hosting site to upload the screen shots too )



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Thanks for the detailed report and the screenshots.  I was able to recreate your experience and here's what I believe happened.


The warning about TOD is not an error message, but rather a prompt for you to adjust your Cruise Altitude, Planned Groundspeed or Descent Rate, because the values displayed would put the TOD before takeoff.  Part of the confusion may have been caused by P2A inserting a default Groundspeed of 400 when you input the cruise altitude of FL260.  If you had entered the Groundspeed first, it would have entered FL 100 as the default and you may not have gotten the warning. 

There are a couple of ways to avoid some of this. 

1)Wait until you are done with entering the procedures before entering cruise altitude and groundspeed. 

2)  If you get the error, just press OK once and enter a lower cruise altitude or groundspeed or a higher descent rate.  Repeat if necessary.


The reason for this warning is to let the use know why no TOD is being calculated.

Based on your experience, perhaps I will move the warning to FPL validation/filing time to avoid the confusion while everything is in flux.


I also noticed an issue with displaying of the SID which I will correct for 200.17.


The error message you received when it locked up is apparently a web access issue.  I'm guessing there was a momentary unavailability of one of the web services being called to get  elevation or map data.


Thanks again for the detailed report. All the screenshots really helped.


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