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Navigating the HP Victor using this panel

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I appear to have found an excellent 2D panel for Alphasim's free HP Victor:-


Has anyone tried to navigate with the radio stack included in this panel? It only appears to have one frequency and not two interchangeable ones. Not sure if I can tune a VOR or ADF beacon in and fly radials to/from it.


I now understand the autopilot, but might have to fudge a GPS into the aircraft to see where I'm flying on an airway etc... as for dialling in an ILS...



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Well, a bit more playing around and the comm radio reading 282.75 actually means 128.275 - the initial digit is omitted because it's always a "1"   :fool:


The nav radio works as long as the switch is set to M, not A (to the left of the yellow light) - I've got the autopilot to lock on to the localiser and glideslope at Manchester. The Victor's autopilot is another wonder to behold... 


I don't think TACAN is implemented in FSX is it?...unless it utilises the ADF so it shows on the RMI gauge to the left of the VSI... or would that be for the radio compass?


The bottom of the stack appears to be the transponder controls (it defaults to 1200).


The old girl won't connect to the FSX GPS, but if I can follow radials, "old school" style a la Flight Assignment ATP then it will only add to my Victor experience.


I'll have to find an ADF(oops NDB) transmitter to test it..

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