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change key for muting recognition?

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is there a way to change the num lock key to something else for muting recognition?  My keyboard does not even have a numlock key.



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There are two ways you can mute MCE speech reco.


Via NumLock keyboard key, which acts as a toggle. Press and release once, keyboard light comes on and you can talk to your mates online. When done press and release again, and MCE speech reco is restored. This is suitable for long conversations.


The problem, is that the only other key that could be used as a toggle is the "Caps Locks". But as you can see for yourself, FSX auto-disables it, and for good reason. Therefore cannot give users the option to change that one.


On the other hand, you could use any other key, which when held down, will temporarily disable MCE speech reco, until you release it.

By default MCE listens to the <END> key, but there is an option to listen to an additional key.


To select any other key, go to FSX, FS9 or Prepar3D installation folder and open "fsInsider.ini"


Change "VatsimPTT=0" to "VatsimPTT=32" say for the <Space Bar> key whose ASCII decimal value is 32,or "VatsimPTT=17" for CTRL key (left or right)


For other keys, look-up this table.


If using a joystick and preferring VoxATC or online ATC, there is an even better solution.


Go to ATC tab in MCE UI and assign a PTT button as if you intended to use it with MCE.


Go to "General" tab in UI and click <More options>


In "Advanced options" panel, click <View Config>


"mce.ini" will open in Notepad. Go to [GAMEPAD] section


Change "UseWithVoxATC=0" to "UseWithVoxATC=1" and save


Disable the "Talk to ATC" feature in MCE panel and restart the app.


From then on, whenever you hold assigned joystick button down, MCE will just assume you're talking either online or some other ATC package and should mute all reco, until you release it..

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