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Saitek ProFlight - X52 to replace Thrustmaster Hotas-X

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I currently have a Thrustmaster Hotas-X and Logitech Extreme 3 Pro as backup for use on FSX & x-plane.


The Thrustmaster is OK, a bit twitchy at times despite all my efforts to improve it including tightening the tension to max, but I recently came across a Youtube video of someone who had a full Saitek ProFlght setup and what struck me most was the comfortable seating position. With my joystick I have to be somewhat hunched over the controller and over time this causes me some back discomfort whereas with the yoke being that be further away from the desk the seating was more reclined. I was also impressed with all the panels being used which would enhance the whole flight sim experience I think.


I have looked at the various components and they would cost me around £(GBP) 640.00 in total so not cheap and if I go down that road I would have to buy them a bit at a time starting of course with the yoke. 


When researching the system I have come across several articles saying that the Saitek has a pronounced null zone issue, which is not good. Also, and more worrying, is that some articles question the reliability of the Saitek and also the alternative CH yoke.


Whilst searching I came across several references to the Saitek X52 Hotas joystick and the reviews I read suggest that this is a better controller than the Thrustmaster I currently have,  which has made me wonder, given the reliability "issues" that have been mentioned with both the Saitek and CH yoke (which doesn't have all the add-on panels of the Saitek system) whether I would be better, if I want to upgrade,  to go with the X52.


The seating position problem would of course still exists unless I can figure something out but if the Saitek & CH products are suspect either one could be a waste of money in the long term


Anyone have any thoughts???





Acer Veriton M2610 Core i3 3.3Ghz

Windows 7 Professional Media Center Edition

EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX750 1GB 128-Bit GDDR5 PCI GPU   8GB DDR in 2 banks   Hanns-G HA191 Monitor

Seagate ST3500630NS ATA Device (Windows Drive)  Maxtor 6L160M0 ATA Device  Maxtor 6Y200M0 ATA Device



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Hi Chris,


I have a friend who has a full compliment of go flight controls, plus multi monitors and TrackIr. He is very satisfied. It all depends how sophisticated a rig you want and what you can afford. In my own case, I use CH rudder pedals and Saitek yoke with triple sticks combo. I have used FSUIPC (registered) in the past to personalize each plane's config, but more recently I let FSX control options handle the whole bunch. To get to the point of your question, my Sairek setup is a few years old and behaves well. My rudder pedals replaced an older CH system which was analog converted to use with an adapter. I am much happier with the direct usb setup, which also gives me toe brakes. As I say, it all depends on your personal taste and budget. Good luck and keep us tuned in about your choices.



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