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MILVIZ F-4J Airshow Film | The Triumph of Thrust Over Aerodynamics! | ORBX FTX

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Hello again flight simmers!  A number of you may have checked out the thread and video below this titled "

Silver Kings F-4E (Milviz) Airshow Demo in Prepar3d"




If you did, I thank you!  I seen through YouTube analytics that I had quite a good number of views, but the average watch time was 3:10 (18% of total video time).  So clearly, it was too long, or just didn't keep your interest.


I've completely reedited the video.  I cut out all the time where the aircraft was very far away from the camera.  I also cut out some redundant maneuvers.  The end result is action footage all the time;


Afterburner Takeoff

High Speed Passes

Zoom Climbs

Dirty Pass

Max Rate Turns


Inverted Loop


This is shot through custom ground and flyby cameras.


Watch and subscribe on YouTube!


MILVIZ F-4J Airshow Film | The Triumph of Thrust Over Aerodynamics! | ORBX FTX


- Nick


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