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Guidance with P3D's Scenery Library

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Hey all,


I have FTX Global, FTX Vector, some add on airports, some add on mesh and My Traffic 6.


In what order should everything be placed in the Scenery Library to ensure everything works together as best as possible?




Greg Hutcheon

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Generally you want to have your vector prodcuts at the bottom of your scenery.cfg above the stock scenery items however, not below them.


A typical scenery layer would go like this from top to bottom.


1. Addon airports

2. Photoscenery if used

3. Landclass addons if used

4. Vector product ie. FTX Vector or UTX

5. Mesh if it requires to be enabled in the scenery folder, some don't.

6. MTX Afcads

7. Default scenery items.


A few things to keep in mind.


1. FTX Global is a texture replacement and replaces the default textures, so you can't turn it on or off and it doesn't have a scenery layer to activate, although it does have a scenery folder that is placed in the scenery.cfg, it's not for the actual textures and it can be placed above the vector entries.


2. Since you have FTX Vector, MTX and addon airports you'll probably have to disable the AFCADS for the airports that match those of MTX or you'll end up with aircraft parking in unusual areas and you might also have to run the FTX Vector tool to fix problems that can arise where you have addon airports.


3. Don't use the P3D scenery library manager to move scenery items around as it can mess up the scenery layer number and scenery entry number which wI'll always match unless you move them in P3D. Use a freeware scenergy layering tool to do this. You can also scan for duplicate AFCADS by using the freeware AFCAD scanner found at the ScruffyDuck website,


When arrange your scenery.cfg think of P3D as a cake so to speak. The bottom of the cake is the default scenery, followed by the mesh which makes up thr ground elevation data. Then your vector data for roads, rivers, streams, coastlines goes over that. Then the Landclass data fits on top of that to tell the sim where to draw cities, forests, farms, etc. Then on top of that you'll place photoscenery if used and then the addon airports go on top of that.


Read this for a better understanding.



Avsim Board of Directors | Avsim Forums Moderator

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Thanks for the detailed explanation cmpbellsjc. I will approach this as you outline and suggest here.

Greg Hutcheon

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