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Status on the JS41?

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I am wondering, when is the JS41 coming out for fsx steam edition? The reason i ask is because on PMDG's website it says in february, was that february 2015/2016, or is it february 2017? I have been waiting so long for JS41 steam edition, i am literally everyday searching for "JS41 steam edition" in hope of finding a new status update on that plane. Yes i know that converting the 777 took more time than expected, and then the development on 747v2 got in the way, same with DC-6, but you've actually been saying in an update back in early 2015 that it just awaits testing, and then you've said this in march 2015:


"Pending Updates for the J41:

Beta testing the J41 has taken a back seat to the changes we needed to make to the NGX and 777, but will resume shortly.  Unlike the NGX and 777, the J41 isn't getting a significant code update, so it is a much simpler test process for us-  as it primarily is just an installation validation process.  We hope to have that released to you soon as well!" [sOURCE]




PMDG i know that "resume shortly" possibly means 2 years to your ears, and that you dont like giving a release date for anything, that's not what i am asking, isn't it possible for you soon to give us a status update on, maybe how the 2 year beta testing is going?? :P You know what i mean... I am tired of hightech 737 planes and triple-7s (not that i dont like them, they are absolutely great, i am just kinda missing something else to fly at the moment). Plus i read the 400 pages FCOM that you guys made (absolutely awesome FCOM btw.) just to find out that i couldn't play it on fsx steam edition xD. I hope you guys hear what i am saying, i simply want a status update, not a realease date, and i wouldn't care less if you say the same as you said in the other updates :D.

However "primarily just an installation validation process" honestly doesn't sound like a whole lot of work (but what do i know :P​)


Best regards:

Tor Jakobsen


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This topic comes up every 3 months or so, the last official PMDG announcement regarding the J41 was March 2015 h however it will work with SE:

From what I recall, the J41 will only install in to SE if you "trick it". In order to do so, you cannot have any other installs of FSX on the machine (i.e. you can only have steam edition installed). Then you use regedit or a tool to make FSX registry entries that point to FSX SE.


Disclaimer to stop anyone pouncing on me with legal stuff: PMDG have confirmed previously that whilst putting the J41 into FSX:SE is not a breach of their EULA, they will not provide any support, although a Steam compatible installer has been long promised. If you mess up your computer or FSX, it's not my fault.


Supposedly there was going to be a J41 P3D release as well. I think the J41 has become very low priority for PMDG as I don't believe it was a big seller, I'm hoping it won't drop off their radar entirely but it increasingly looks that way.

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hmm yeah ok. I know there is those little "tricks" you can do it, but last time i tried in on steam edition (long time ago though) the IAS didnt work (not because thats so important) and the gane seemed to crash pretty often. I am just gonna try again... :D


EDIT: yeah ok, it seems to "work" now, however i dont remember all the features of the JS41 and what should/shouldn't work so i am not sure if there is some things that doesnt work, my autopilot is a bit weird. But disregardless of that, thats not why i posted this, otherwise i would have simply just followed some other guide here from avsim. I posted this still because i wanted to know the status on the JS41, and i know they arent giving up on it..

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