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Night Threshold settings in P3Dv3.x (how to set?)

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In the Simulator the night exposure is way to bright, which allows you to perform a VFR flight at night without the needs of the artificial horizon gauge even when you fly over the water (sea) or at dark places such as forests or a desert....
In reality, when flying over the city at night in VFR, all you only see is the street lights and maybe car's headlights on the road or anything that emits light.
It is impossible (in the best case scenario) to see the external horizon line and in worse case scenario, mistaking the street lights line as the external horizon line (very dangerous),you for sure do not see the ground/terrain, hence there is a the need to use the artificial horizon gauge also on VFR flights at night.


there used to be an old school tweak which you could put in the line in the CFG file that would correct this a bit and got you closer to reality vision at night (still wasn't perfect).


for some reason this no longer works or has any effect on P3Dv3.

Also the following settings based on the SDK documentation, doesn't have any effect either.


Exposure for both day and night can be adjusted. These values are between 0 and 1. The day and night exposure allow the level of light to be adjusted based on user preference.


Do you know what is the equivalent settings in P3Dv3 for NIGHT_THRESHOLD=0?

I don't use HDR settings and even if I would I believe playing around with the HDR settings would effect the amount of brightness/darkness during the day as well which I do not wish to touch or change. 

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I do not experience this. Is your monitor (particular gamma) really accurately calibrated? I would check that carefully first.


Also try with HDR off. You could also start with a fresh prepar3d.cfg in case you tweaked something.

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No, it is not related rather the monitor is calibrated or not or I would see some difference 

between values in the settings (e.g. NIGHT_THRESHOLD=0 vs. NIGHT_THRESHOLD=4096), it has no effect at all.

also I use the same Monitor (two monitors) today with P3Dv3 I used with FSX and P3D v2.5 and the same OS.

so calibration for sure did not change and as I said in my original post, it used to work on the previous versions.

also as I mentioned, I don't use HDR and my P3D is a fresh Install from few days ago. did not manage to add any addons yet, so my CFG file is the default one.


it is not a monitor issue nor .CFG, it is the P3D software that decided to add more light at night. it has nothing to do with the hardware..
I am searching for the NIGHT_THRESHOLD substitute that used to work up until P3Dv2.5 (not sure about P3Dv3.0 / 3.1 - never had those, I jumped Directly to v3.2)

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