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Positional/directional sounds?

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First of all, thanks alot for this great and in many respects path-braking creation!


Sorry if I'm simply are repeating things, but I remember the issue about positional/directional sounds being raised. I didn't recall, however, that you responded if you're planning to add such a feature or not. I think that's a pretty basic and almost fundamental feature, being standard in most (x)planes (payware and freeware), and I assume it is not a design choice to not implement it, as I cannot believe it can be difficult to do so. You may simply have had you focus elsewhere, on all those more complex and great things you did implement in this superb piece of craft.


I can just say that I would REALLY appreciate directional/positional sounds, for flybys and other situations. It also makes video-making easier. Of course, one can still make videos, and if interested, this is one I just finished, showcasing some of the greatness of this piece of rendering:https://youtu.be/fvIGBLkcEX8


Mikael Eriksson



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Mikael Eriksson

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Thank you for your feedback.  I have mentioned a few times that, yes, it has been added to the task list for an update.  In fact I think it is already being worked on.


Nice video! 


In fact- watching your video what stood out to me was the value that doppler shift and directional coning in the external view will provide.  It is funny that you can spend so much time working "inside" that you just don't notice something missing...   Ah well...  we shall rectify that shortly.


Now- as the de-facto Chief Pilot for the fleet I need to invite you by my office for a short conversation about your flying technique.  I noticed you were flying around with the cowl flaps open- and the whole airplane shaking in your video has caused the engineering folks some concern...   stop by and see me with an explanation, will you?  :P


(I'm always more pleasant if your bring coffee....)

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Robert S. Randazzo coolcap.gif


You can find us at:  http://forum.pmdg.com

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Thanks for your reply! Glad you liked the vid (and there is more coming). Glad to hear about what's in the works. As to my cowl-flaps shaking, well, I did notice that something was not all good up there, although I didn't figured it was the cowl-flaps. Thing is, I was longing so bad to get the thing up in the air, so I just learned enough in order to do so. There are lots to learn, of course, to go by the protocol, although I almost never do...;). What I desire is the feeling of being up there, to feel the wind in the hands, and whatever technical stuff necessary to be able to do so is simply method to me.


The interesting thing is that this beauty is more of everything than modern airliners: lots of technique to master to go by the protocol, or in order to even stay up in the air, while at the same time also much more "feeling" and immersion. To sit in between all those cylinders, trying to take her down safely at some little too short strip, that's what its all about, isn't it?:)


Looking forward to the update!

Mikael Eriksson

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