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Justin Toposim


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TODAY ONLY - Simply enter GREATDEAL in the coupon field at checkout.  Every product and service in the Toposim Distribution Center, including Custom Development - HALF-OFF Today!


Terrain Mesh

Since this year began we've covered most of the FSX/SE/P3D virtual world with Toposim Continents high-resolution terrain mesh created from the freshest, most up-to-date source data, massaged and sculpted custom corrections where needed.  The result is the most-accurate, detailed, matched, integrated elevation dataset now available for the FSX/P3D platform.  Organized by Continent, Region, or drill down to individual countries and provinces, search for virtually any location on Earth and you will find coverage.  We are still hard at work covering the few remaining land areas and have a global bathymetry set on the drawing boards for P3D, coming later this year.


Custom Development

We also offer custom development services to eliminate plateaus at your favorite airports.  Your commissioned Airport Terrain Adjustment Packs (ATAPs) become part of the Toposim Distribution Center and you earn a small royalty on each unit sold, either for store credit or periodic disbursements via PayPal.  This way, commissioning a popular airport can easily repay your investment - and more!.

Come check out our wide and growing selection of 19m and 10m terrain products for FSX, ESP, and P3D.  It's a one-stop smorgasboard of reasonably-priced, high-quality terrain mesh for FSX/SE/P3D  Be downloading in minutes!

And there will never be a better time than today - right now - to bring your terrain mesh into the future.

Stock up now!


Please share using the buttons on the right.  Spread the word!

Thanks . . .


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Hi Justin a few questions if you would:


1) Can the scenery areas be activated/deactivated easily, such as via the scenery.cfg file?

2) Do the installers overwrite stock files?  If so, is a backup/restore utility provided?

3) How do these products differ from your prior work under FSGenesis?

4) Why would you say Toposim is preferable to another terrain mesh product marketed for P3D? Is the LOD radius better?

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Hi Hans


1) Yes.  The files are organized by Continent in the Scenery Library.  If you want to deactivate the Continent, simply clear the appropriate checkbox.


2) No.  It's a very simple installation.  Simply unzip to your desired folder and direct Scenery Library to that folder.  No stock files are overwritten or changed.  Clean and simple.


3) They are each newly-engineered from scratch, from the ground up, as it were, from the freshest, newest, most-up-to-date source data, and organized by Continent, Region, or you can drill down to individual countries, states, and provinces. Whatever your AOI.


4) See "3) above.  They are compiled using Multiple-LODs, but are still limited by hard-coded LOD ranges.  And they are built with an eye for the future.  While creating the current BGLs for FSX/SE/P3D, we are also building a comprehensive proprietary source elevation database that will be used as the basis for new terrain for future flight simulators, so the upgrade path once these new sims come online will be easy and painless.


Hope this helps


Let me know if you have further questions.






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Yesterday's sale was very popular (thank you!) so I have decided to extend it one more day, just in case any missed who still want grab this special discount.  Stock up now and for the future . . .


Thanks again . . .



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