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Virtavia XB-70 rudder/nosewheel steering authority?

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Apologies if there's a dedicated section on AVSIM for Virtavia, but the sim I use is FSX:SE so halfway there!


Having been flying this speed machine for a little while I've noticed a couple of things. When taxiing around, either at max. all up weight or almost empty, the nosewheel doesn't appear to have much grip - too much understeer even when travelling at less that 5kt or so. Some other aircraft appear to have this trait but they're the POSKY ones in my hangar....


No doubt differential braking would help, but I don't have rudder pedals with toe brakes.


On approach and touchdown, there doesn't appear to be much rudder authority either. Perhaps this is due to the big delta and AOA masking the fins from the airflow? Again, on touchdown differential braking would certainly help in keeping her on the tarmac.


I can understand if the rudder authority was prototypical, but nosewheel on ice??


Thoughts, ideas, workarounds please? Thank you :cool:

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