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Early morning NZCH to night time YPPH

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Sorry if the landing's rather dark - no landing lights on the XB-70!


Early morning takeoff from Christchurch for a quick sprint to Perth on the first leg of the Valkyrie's return to the USA.



Climbing out into the dark blue.



A last look before she outruns the sun, Valkyrie about to ride into the night.



Onward into the enforced darkness, Odin's chooser of the fallen streaks to her destination.



The numbers are good... VERY good!



I can see our galaxy from here!



Hello, Hobart.... & goodbye!



Welcome to Western Australia!



Descending towards Perth. Don't know why the vortices near the inlet vane are so bright...



Approach looks good.






Taxiing in. Good job the airport has lighting systems!



Subsonic.... Supersonic...



Thanks for viewing.

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Love that sunset shot...what a fantastic airplane 1950s....the J79 in the SR71 would flame out often and AOA was critical.



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Thanks HL! I'm quite proud of the way it turned out too! I've installed some freeware improved sky textures, I use FSOpen Clouds to inject the weather and installed the simple sun mod. I've also upgraded the entire world with Freemesh X.


The 50s, 60s and 70s I'd say contained HUGE changes in aviation.Progression since then has been made but not with as much impact IMHO. The new millennium also ushered in advances, but it also brought with them the F-35.... and I'm not going there!  :Hmmmph:


I don't have an SR-71 in my hangar yet, freeware or payware. Another challenging speed machine to fly?

She might have the speed (slightly) but not quite the range. Unless you're talking inflight refuelling! ;)

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