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After 8 years my trusty Saitek yoke is starting to falter.  To that end, it's time for a replacement; unfortunately, it appears Saitek itself is in demise, so I won't order a replacement from them.    I'd be grateful for any recommendations you may have!  


I'm currently considering the following:






only caveat, it needs to have a hat switch...I'm not a big fan of trackIR.  Thank you!!

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I went with the VirtualFly YOKO yoke. It doesn't normally have a hat switch, but they will replace the left/right trim switch with one if you request it. That would be my recommendation, but it's a few hundred dollars more expensive. Worth it in my opinion, but if those are your two choices, I'd ask them how much travel the yoke has both left/right and forwards/backwards. Some yokes only turn a bit more than 45 degrees in each direction and that makes precise turning a lot more difficult and less realistic. Even some of the expensive yokes have this problem, like PFC.

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ACE have a desktop line which can include a hat which as well.  Price is 450 USD and free shipping for those who live in North America.


You can find comments, information and even a video review of the yoke(s) on our FB page here:




You will need to scroll down on the FB page (way down) when you get to a review from a recent customer who says:

""Hi all flightsimmer

This yoke is probably the best thing in humanity, in all cases in flightsimmer. Very well functioning and very well made, heavy and stable. It is worth all the time i have been waiting, 4months.
Only minus for me is that it does not have "hat switch" but Darryl promise to help with it. Overall i am very pleased with it.
To you who hesitate, stop with it and buy... Did every one have it, ther would be no wars in the world 1f642.png"":-)"


Furthermore, due to our growth and overwhelming demand, ACE is partnered with AviationMegaStore who customers from Europe and neighboring countries can enjoy reduced shipping charges when compared to our original shipping from Toronto, Canada.




As of today, Desktop product line includes: 737, 747,757, 767, 777 yoke handles which work with all operating systems and flight simulator platforms (unrestricted).  We are including CRJ, 787 and 717 yoke handles to our product offering soon.  We also have EMB/ERJ/CESSNA handles available which can be used on the desktop "snap & lock" interchangeable system. 


If you require pictures or any more information, feel free to drop me a line at: darryl@737yoke.com




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