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    10 years as a military flight instructor / previous experience flying 738 and 777 simulators at London Gatwick. Competed in the Airleague 2003/2005 and came 2nd both times out of 108 pilots from around the UK.

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  1. I had same issue. I fixed this by doing two things. ONE: inside P3D library, make sure you move EGGP to the TOP of the library. TWO: Inside FTX click on vector and then click on the elevation correction tool and search and the make sure once done you click APPLY! *very important* This under most cases resolves the issue, however if at this point you dont have the scenery back, this final step should correct the issue THREE: Inside FTX go to the section where you can change where the INSERTION POINTS are managed, and the top one i believe is LC, move this down to ensure its BELOW EGGP and then your all set. 😉 D
  2. Where is cinematic mode inside CP? Cant find it anywhere and its annoying the word not allowed out of me lol Everytime i leave the FD, i come back and its doing a tour of the AC from outside..
  3. I did manage to resolve this issue before by going to ORBX manager, and selecting SETTINGS and then INSERTION POINTS and selecting the AIRPORTS and REGIONS library and changing the INSERTION of this to BELOW the ADDONS - so in this case, EGGP. try that and see if it works for you too. 🙂
  4. Testing done in P3Dv4.5HF3.Here are the results:1) AIG + FT CYYZ: Runway Lights on.2) No AIG + FT CYYZ: No Runway Lights on.3) AIG (minus the AIG LUA scripts) + FT CYYZ: Runway Lights on.So it's can't be AIG. I would guess it's a P3D bug.
  5. Im having similar issue, my rrunway lights are ON in the daytime at CYYZ and no idea how to turn them off or put them back to normal. Can anyone offer some help or guidance here?
  6. Download “ultimate windows tweaker tool” under performance; turn off prefetch and super fetch. this worked for me and it correlates with a previous post or two that I’ve seen referencing “indexing” in the background. This worked for me. Give it a try and let’s see if this could be a common denominator d
  7. UPDATED: In case you would not like to update to Envtex SP2 and keep the SP1 version, here you can find the installers for previous versions of Envdir:Versions below are now unsupported and incompatible with Envtex SP2• Download Envdir http://togaprojects.proboards.com/thread/400/envdir-installer-updated
  8. FIX IS BELOW gents: Download as a registered user this version which will fix this for you. Changelog | Version :- Envdir crash to desktop with Windows 1809 and higher solved- Envdir crash to desktop under some conditions with P3D v2 & v3 solved- ASCA integration installation issue for some users solved- P3D v4 automatic detection fixed- Various optimizations- Minor issues fixed http://togaprojects.proboards.com/thread/400/envdir-installer-updated
  9. Same issue for me, ive contacted Chris at PMDG, lets see what they suggest or recommend. As of now; they're suggesting these steps initially, but didn't work for me yet: perhaps someone else can try and report back? 1. Manually delete the contents of C:\\Users\\<your username>\\AppData\\Roaming\\PMDG\\PMDG Operations Center 2. Manually delete all the files except for OpsCenterUpdater.exe from C:\\Program Files (x86)\\PMDG Operations Center 3. Download: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=52685 4. Install the downloaded Microsoft Update. If you receive a notification of newer version installed in your system ignore this step and proceed to No5 5. Exclude the OC folder from your Antivirus scanning and disable other protective software and Run the OpsCenterUpdater.exe file, which will download fresh copies of all the deleted items
  10. David, please e mail me with your invoice number and details, and I will personally follow your PO from concept to fruition and provide you with updates along the way. darryl@737yoke.com Let's open up the dialogue there, and get your pedals shipped asap We appreciate your business and couldn't agree more, about quality and craftsmanship - that's one feature which we stand apart from other options in the market. Best Darryl
  11. AVANTIME - the closest thing to it, would be this: at 450 USD and free shipping to North American customers, which has a full interchangable yoke handle, able to switch between 737, 747, 757,767,777 crj emb and erj as of now. 787 will be next out, which is being worked on with Qualitywings builders. https://www.facebook.com/Aircraftcontrolengineering/ Solid metal cast, will last for years. An investment to say the least, and allot more affordable, when compared to others in the market at a price point close to 1000$ plus shipping
  12. Gents, I can only comment on the business since i've taken control of ACE, in July of last year. I took the reigns on this business to resolve and turn it around. Thus far, I have done that not only with a new product line (desktop 737/747/757/767/777 and 787 coming soon) which have been selling like hot cakes, but to focus on customer service, product support and availability. The business has done a 180 on the direction in which it was heading. Anything that happened before I joined, WONT be happening again. Take a look at our FB page and you'll see nothing but positive reviews, comments and that includes service and aftercare. https://www.facebook.com/Aircraftcontrolengineering/ If service is still of reservation, we have partnered with FlightSim Store and Aviation MegaStore who stock our products, and thus provide their own layering of customer service should you need to engage them. https://www.aviationmegastore.com/cat/yokes-pedals-joysticks-288.html As previously mentioned, any issues that need to be brought to my attention will be dealt with by myself and turned around within 24 hours. No messing around. darryl@737yoke.com Here's my direct line, feel free to reach out and you'll always get a reply from me within 1 hour of office hours which seem to be 8am to 10pm. lol All the Best Darryl
  13. Perhaps ACE for your next yoke Gents Desktop line of yokes, include interchangeable yoke handles, for 737,747,757,767,777 and we are also making a 787 yoke for Qualitywings release, amongst CRJ, EMB and ERJ soon to be released. $450 USD and FREE shipping in north America. options for HAT switch can be added also if the user wants to keep that feature Check out the FB page for updates: https://www.facebook.com/Aircraftcontrolengineering/ Also, some products are now becoming more and more available at suppliers such as AM https://www.aviationmegastore.com/cat/yokes-pedals-joysticks-288.html
  14. FAO: Vernon Howells aka. Driver170 Thanks for your candid comments and opening up the dialogue on your experience with our services. I'm glad you shared your experience, and you now have my undivided attention. Putting myself in your shoes I would equally be frustrated and can relate to your experience when I myself ordered a throttle from Revsim 4 years ago without receiving my chart holders for the side of that yoke. So believe me when I say " I get why your angry / frustrated". I have gone through those same emotions. Your previous dealings with ACE and Harris we're before my time, and catching up with him over a phone call today, it's fair to say he's been 'bollocked' for forgetting, to action this order and for requesting a deposit which when investigated was not returned. I am returning the money back to you today, you should see this transaction through PAYPAL shortly. I am shipping your clipboard and spare part to you today also, tracking will follow over e mail shortly. Further more, as a gesture of good will, I am also sending you a further $100 credit for you to take yourself and perhaps your better half out for dinner, on me. I apologize & have no words and equally disappointed, and can assure you that this is a 'one off', I have not come across this before and If I do, I will be resolving on a case by case basis, to put right the situation. That's my guarantee. To update anybody reading this post, ACE has undergone allot of changes in the last year. I have been a customer and have had similar experience when dealing in the customer service area. One of the key contributing factors to accepting this role, was to turn this company around. My 1st idea in taking charge, was to take a new product line to market, which has been extremely successful, and we have received nothing but positive feedback. I purposely took charge of the business on the Desktop line side, to concentrate on Product development, customer engagement and have been active helping customers with setting up, issue, concerns, questions over holiday seasons, weekends and even in to the middle of the night (a never before for ACE). I can assure you that we have taken full responsibility and have listened to these comments, with a view to ensuring these are mitigated to an absolute minimum moving forward and while i'm in charge. Comments / feedback and reviews can all be found on our FB for the time being, here (they're down the bottom of the page): https://www.facebook.com/Aircraftcontrolengineering/ Customers (including yourself) now have a direct line to me, able to get hold of me through FB page and through email: darryl@737yoke.com and we have even setup a dedicated support desk for issue that need resolving to ensure they are tackled on a case by case basis, and receive immediate and undivided attention, found at: support@737yoke.com Interestingly, we never EVER see any comments which are negative about our yokes and their durability, realism, look, feel and longevity. They are built to last, and when you install an ACE yoke in to your simpit, you'll know you've made the right decision. I'd be more than open to having a direct conversation with you, to resolve any further issues that you might be experiencing, to avoid the previous experience you have received. My only regret is that you didn't e mail me or I had insight in to this problem, otherwise your user experience would have been arguably, quite different. Our business has been in-business for almost 15 year(s), and we have many MANY positive comments, reviews, videos of our products now through our social media platform located here: while we re-launch a new website, with new products covering an assortment of aircraft; Including; 737,747,757,767,777 and I am working on a 787 Desktop yoke right now, along with CRJ yoke soon to be released, EMB/ERJ yokes, Cessna yokes and tiller which I am launching very VERY soon indeed. It's unfortunate it had to end this way, with comments through a forum, However i understand your reasoning to do so, and we are glad you rought it to our attention. Last year, we received 99.8% customer satisfaction rating, based on previous years which we're 81.4% and mostly due to customer service type issues. Candidly, Our business is here to stay. We are growing, have recruited more staff and have expanded our operation in to Dubai markets, with partners such as AviationMegaStore and FlightSim Store who now support our products and can help reduce shipping issues/costs based on their locations also. link: https://www.aviationmegastore.com/cat/yokes-pedals-joysticks-288.html Feel free to reach out when ready Looking forward to hearing from you soon All the Best Darryl ACE Team
  15. VS one of these at $450 usd https://www.facebook.com/Aircraftcontrolengineering/
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