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  1. WxGainDelta = 3120.7142857 function WXR_Gain_Dec () WxGainVar = MJCD8_Read(33287) if WxGainVar > 3119 then WxGainVar = WxGainVar - WxGainDelta else WxGainVar = 0 end MJCD8_Write(WxGainVar, 33287) end function WXR_Gain_Inc () WxGainVar = MJCD8_Read(33287) if WxGainVar < 62413 then WxGainVar = WxGainVar + WxGainDelta else WxtiltVar = 65535 end MJCD8_Write(WxGainVar, 33287) end Here is the code for the gain increase/decrease.
  2. Got the tilt working with the code below. This was tricky to figure out, but eventually I was able to do it. First, the range of the Tilt Knob is from 0 to 65535. There are 32 different tilt sets for the full range of motion on the radar (-15.9, -15, -14.....+13, +14,+15). 65535 divided by 32 is 2047.968. Essentially you're having LINDA read the position of the radar from MJC as a hex value, and then as long as it's not in the maximum range either way (-15.9 corresponds to 0 and +15 corresponds to 65535), LINDA adds 2047.96857 to the hex value to increase the tilt or subtracts to decrease the tilt. Clear as mud? Next..the gain. WxTiltDelta = 2047.96875 function WXR_Tilt_Inc () WxTiltVar = MJCD8_Read(33799) if WxTiltVar < 63487 then WxTiltVar = WxTiltVar + WxTiltDelta else WxtiltVar = 65535 end MJCD8_Write(WxTiltVar, 33799) end function WxTilt_Dec () WxTiltVar = MJCD8_Read(33799) if WxTiltVar > 2000 then WxTiltVar = WxTiltVar - WxTiltDelta else WxTiltVar = 0 end MJCD8_Write(WxTiltVar, 33799) end Working on the gain next.
  3. Hi All, I'm making a home cockpit for the Majestic Q400 and I've just finished my Weather Radar panel. I've downloaded the excellent LINDA files for the Q400 however no controls for the Weather radar are in the file for assignment to my panel. I've worked out how to do the Weather Mode (OFF, STBY, TEST, ON) as well as the Wx, WxA and GND MAP modes. I'm stuck on getting the programming right for tilt and gain functions. Additionally, I'd like to make a toggle function for the Stab control. Here's what Majestic supplies about these functions: Name Index Type Dir Cockpit UDP Description WXR_->controls.stab_off_cntr F602 BYTE IN YES YES 0 STAB ON, 1 STAB OFF (TILT knob pulled). WXR_->controls.tilt_cntrl F603 WORD IN YES YES 0x0000 to 0xFFFF. Neutral 0x8000 WXR_->controls.gain_cntrl F604 WORD IN YES YES 0x0000 to 0xFFFF. Neutral 0x8000 Anyone have any insight on the best way to get these functions into my LINDA user file?
  4. Can't add this to the Majestic Dash 8 Q-400 (module 2.6) thread, but if anyone is interested in the inputs for the Q400 FMS in LINDA, here they are. Paste this into your User section of the MJC8Q400 profile and you should be good to go. -- ## FMS ############### function FMS_LSK_1L () MJCD8_Write(1, 79415) end function FMS_LSK_2L () MJCD8_Write(2, 79415) end function FMS_LSK_3L () MJCD8_Write(3, 79415) end function FMS_LSK_4L () MJCD8_Write(4, 79415) end function FMS_LSK_5L () MJCD8_Write(5, 79415) end function FMS_LSK_1R () MJCD8_Write(6, 79415) end function FMS_LSK_2R () MJCD8_Write(7, 79415) end function FMS_LSK_3R () MJCD8_Write(8, 79415) end function FMS_LSK_4R () MJCD8_Write(9, 79415) end function FMS_LSK_5R () MJCD8_Write(10, 79415) end function FMS_DATA () MJCD8_Write(20, 79415) end function FMS_NAV () MJCD8_Write(21, 79415) end function FMS_VNAV () MJCD8_Write(22, 79415) end function FMS_DTO () MJCD8_Write(23, 79415) end function FMS_LIST () MJCD8_Write(24, 79415) end function FMS_PREV () MJCD8_Write(25, 79415) end function FMS_FUEL () MJCD8_Write(30, 79415) end function FMS_FPL () MJCD8_Write(31, 79415) end function FMS_PERF () MJCD8_Write(32, 79415) end function FMS_TUNE () MJCD8_Write(33, 79415) end function FMS_MENU () MJCD8_Write(34, 79415) end function FMS_NEXT () MJCD8_Write(35, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_A () MJCD8_Write(100, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_B () MJCD8_Write(101, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_C () MJCD8_Write(102, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_D () MJCD8_Write(103, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_E () MJCD8_Write(104, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_F () MJCD8_Write(105, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_G () MJCD8_Write(106, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_H () MJCD8_Write(107, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_I () MJCD8_Write(108, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_J () MJCD8_Write(109, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_K () MJCD8_Write(110, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_L () MJCD8_Write(111, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_M () MJCD8_Write(112, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_N () MJCD8_Write(113, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_O () MJCD8_Write(114, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_P () MJCD8_Write(115, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_Q () MJCD8_Write(116, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_R () MJCD8_Write(117, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_S () MJCD8_Write(118, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_T () MJCD8_Write(119, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_U () MJCD8_Write(120, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_V () MJCD8_Write(121, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_W () MJCD8_Write(122, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_X () MJCD8_Write(123, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_Y () MJCD8_Write(124, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_Z () MJCD8_Write(125, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_0 () MJCD8_Write(200, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_1 () MJCD8_Write(201, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_2 () MJCD8_Write(202, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_3 () MJCD8_Write(203, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_4 () MJCD8_Write(204, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_5 () MJCD8_Write(205, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_6 () MJCD8_Write(206, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_7 () MJCD8_Write(207, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_8 () MJCD8_Write(208, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_9 () MJCD8_Write(209, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_BACK () MJCD8_Write(240, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_MSG () MJCD8_Write(241, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_ONOFF () MJCD8_Write(242, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_PLUSMINUS () MJCD8_Write(243, 79415) end function FMS_KEY_ENTER () MJCD8_Write(244, 79415) end
  5. I couldn't add this to the existing Majestic Q400 LINDA page but if anyone needs to assign range controls to the Majestic Q400 (not just increase or decrease), here is the code. I'm not much of a coder but I figured if anyone needed it I should share. This would be used with a rotary switch instead of a toggle or similar. Just copy and paste this into your Majestic Q400 User Functions code file and you should be good to go. function Ped_range_10 () ipc.writeLvar("L:PED_CPT_RANGE_KNOB", 0) Ped_Range_show () end function Ped_range_20 () ipc.writeLvar("L:PED_CPT_RANGE_KNOB", 1) Ped_Range_show () end function Ped_range_40 () ipc.writeLvar("L:PED_CPT_RANGE_KNOB", 2) Ped_Range_show () end function Ped_range_80 () ipc.writeLvar("L:PED_CPT_RANGE_KNOB", 3) Ped_Range_show () end function Ped_range_160 () ipc.writeLvar("L:PED_CPT_RANGE_KNOB", 4) Ped_Range_show () end function Ped_range_240 () ipc.writeLvar("L:PED_CPT_RANGE_KNOB", 5) Ped_Range_show () end
  6. Small world, very cool! I'm trying to get it organized to take a plane again this year. Will you guys be there too?
  7. I actually was parked next to the DC-3 at last year's Dulles Plane Pull. We did a static display in one of our Dash 8's. You can kind of see the DC-3 in this picture: https://www.flickr.com/photos/airlinegeeks/21390297368/in/album-72157658885333751/ Even got a DC-3 sticker from Robert's crew: http://imgur.com/a/3R4Dh
  8. Well, I decided to take a hack at it myself. Not the greatest job as it has been ages since I have painted anything seriously, but here is N319TZ...work in progress.
  9. I have flown aircraft IRL with both the yoke and the stick, and you hardly notice a difference between the two. you adapt very quickly...
  10. I recieved it today....Thanks Dennis and wfhall!
  11. If anyone has the TM tutorial for the 737NG (with the checklists), could you please send it to me? My zip file somehow corrupted itself and I can no longer open the file. My email is: phoenix.tracon.128.65@gmail.com ....I would greatly appreciate it.
  12. Does anyone still have the Saab 340 CTOT tutorial that was made by one of the FFS devs and put on their forum? I tried using the wayback machine, but it doesn't have the Saab 340 forum in its database.
  13. >Theseconcepts are not new to you and you will have done plenty of>them through the minimum 1500 hours fixed wing PIC + turbine>rating you WILL have before you can even apply to an airline.Not true. In the US, there have been regional airlines that have been hiring with only a commercial certificate. Granted, there have only been 2 airlines that have done that (Piedmont, which is no longer doing it and ASA..which is). Most airlines are hiring around 500 TT / 50 ME with no turbine PIC required.
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