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  1. I received my YOKO in January this year. Best purchase I've made for simming for sure. I had a PFC Beech yoke and just didn't like it much so I sold it when I got the YOKO. I've got a lot of hours of use with it so far and it's still perfect. Some people have complained that there's no hat switch, but I have heard that they will replace the trim switch on the right side with one if you request it. I didn't want one since I use TrackIR but it's nice they will customize it a bit for you. -Brendan
  2. Macrium looks really nice. I use Dropbox for all my FSX/P3D files, but this looks like a better solution. -Brendan
  3. I went with the VirtualFly YOKO yoke. It doesn't normally have a hat switch, but they will replace the left/right trim switch with one if you request it. That would be my recommendation, but it's a few hundred dollars more expensive. Worth it in my opinion, but if those are your two choices, I'd ask them how much travel the yoke has both left/right and forwards/backwards. Some yokes only turn a bit more than 45 degrees in each direction and that makes precise turning a lot more difficult and less realistic. Even some of the expensive yokes have this problem, like PFC.
  4. If you log into the Airline2Sim site, you can click on Training Programs and then click on Cadet Training Program. All the videos can be viewed or downloaded there. Works great for me.
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