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ILS Frequencies in RC4

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Good evening,


Having just bought the new Frankfurt Airport, I've just landed there for the first time in my favourite PMDG 747.


I requested 25R, so I could try out the bridge over the motorway (Autobahn?) and all went smoothly.


However, the ILS frequency shown in the RC4 ATC box differed from that shown in the 747 FMC.


It seems that the latter is the correct one, as I did an autoland on the desired runway.


It's a small point, but how can I get RC4 to display the correct frequency, please?


(I ran Make Runways after the EDDF installation and I'm on the latest Nav Data information.)

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All I can tell you is that RC uses the scenery data pulled by makerwys.exe.


Open in wordpad in your FS folder (do no use Excel or other data base app) and search in r5.csv (renamed to r4.csv in your rcv4 data folder) and search for entries for EDDF. You'll find the ILS frequency with letters like DG for glideslope and dme. Do those match your 747 values?

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Many thanks Ronzie,


I've found r5.csv and double clicked on it.


It opened in Excel (if it must be word pad, please tell me how to do it!).


I can see the (supposedly incorrect) ILS frequency for EDDF.


Can I just change it and save, or is that wishful thinking?

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Never use Excel or other database/spreadsheet file. It will corrupt an rc .csv file. To open in Wordpad or other text editor, right click on r5.csv and select open with.


Directly editing r5.csv is temporary only and it must preserve the format. Your change will be wiped out on the next running of makerwys.exe direct or via the RC scenery rebuild.


To change an ILS frequency you need to run the freeware ADE (Airport Design Editor) or payware AFX. Do NOT use AFCAD. Airport sdesign Editor is here:


First make a safe copy of your EDDF scenery folder as a restoration backup.


In your FS folder there is a large file called runways.txt, a log of the data it collected. Open it with Wordpad. Search for Airport EDDF. After the default you'll eventually find a deletion section and a section with runway data. Keep repeating the search until you are at the last folder which has priority. The path displayed in that last section will point to the af type file you need to edit. Make a note of that path. See if the description of the runways includes the ILS data for the runway you want to edit. If so, continue.


For ADE after you set it up with options you choose you would use File, Open Direct From BGL. Navigate to the EDDF scenery folder using the path you noted and the file name noted. Selecting that file should open a diagram of the airport. In the ADE menu bar List, Navaids. You can now edit the frequency of the ILS by double clicking on it. Save your changes. Then File Save Project and note any errors. If no errors choose File Compile and you will get a .bgl file you can use to replace the original file by renaming the original to EDFxxxx.bak to it won't be recognized and copy the new bgl in place.


Now in the FS9 Aerosoft Airports collection for Germany I have, there is no .bgl file recognized by ADE. The runway diagram does not even show the localizer symbols. They must have used a special overlay non-standard that is recognized. No runway navaids were shown in the runways.txt file. I suspect makerwys is using a default stock airport for that data. You can try using ADE to open the stock EDDF and make changes as I described and save/compile that airport and add that new folder to your scenery database at a priority lower (not at the top) than the Aerosoft EDDF folder. Start FS to create a new index and than run the RC scenery rebuild again. See what happens.


Here from my FS9 default EDDF is an extract showing runways data with ILS information:


Airport EDDF :N50:01:59.9958  E008:34:13.9995  364ft
          Country Name="Germany"
          State Name=""
          City Name="Frankfurt-Main"
          Airport Name="Frankfurt-Main"
          in file: Scenery\EURW\scenery\AP950140.BGL

          Runway 26L/8R centre: N50:01:53.2254  E008:33:01.9290  364ft
              Runway 8R closed for landing and take-off
              Start 26L: N50:02:06.7014  E008:33:58.4664  364ft Hdg: 249.6T, Length 8189ft
              Computed start 26L: Lat 50.035362 Long 8.566926
              Hdg: 249.620 true (MagVar 0.000), Concrete, 8189 x 148 ft
              Primary ILS ID = IFWL
              Primary ILS: IFWL  111.35 Hdg: 249.6 , Flags: GS DME BC "ILS/DME 26L"
              *** Runway *** EDDF0261 Lat 50.035362 Long 8.566926 Alt 364 Hdg 250 Len 8189 Wid 148 ILS 111.35, Flags: GS DME BC

and here is the FS9 Aerosoft EDDF data showing lack of ILS information:



Airport EDDF :N50:01:59.9958  E008:34:13.9995  364ft
          Country Name="Germany"
          State Name="Hesse"
          City Name="Frankfurt-Main"
          Airport Name="Frankfurt-Main"
          in file: aerosoft\EDDF_2005\scenery\AF2_EDDF_Gap-Team_Full_with_Custom_AI.bgl

          Runway 7L/25R centre: N50:02:19.9183  E008:33:38.9001  364ft
              Start 7L: N50:01:57.9549  E008:32:07.0735  364ft Hdg: 69.6T, Length 13099ft
              Computed start 7L: Lat 50.032612 Long 8.534585
              Start 25R: N50:02:41.0070  E008:35:07.1685  364ft Hdg: 249.6T, Length 13099ft
              Computed start 25R: Lat 50.045124 Long 8.587026
              Hdg: 69.620 true (MagVar 0.000), Concrete, 13099 x 197 ft
              *** Runway *** EDDF0071 Lat 50.032612 Long 8.534585 Alt 364 Hdg 70 Len 13099 Wid 197
              *** Runway *** EDDF0252 Lat 50.045124 Long 8.587026 Alt 364 Hdg 250 Len 13099 Wid 197
          Runway 7R/25L centre: N50:02:01.6479  E008:33:37.2697  364ft
              Start 7R: N50:01:39.7169  E008:32:05.4223  364ft Hdg: 69.6T, Length 13101ft
              Computed start 7R: Lat 50.027534 Long 8.534131
              Start 25L: N50:02:22.8662  E008:35:06.1673  364ft Hdg: 249.6T, Length 13101ft
              Computed start 25L: Lat 50.040047 Long 8.586574
              Hdg: 69.620 true (MagVar 0.000), Concrete, 13101 x 148 ft
              *** Runway *** EDDF0072 Lat 50.027534 Long 8.534130 Alt 364 Hdg 70 Len 13101 Wid 148
              *** Runway *** EDDF0251 Lat 50.040047 Long 8.586575 Alt 364 Hdg 250 Len 13101 Wid 148
          Runway 18 /36  centre: N50:00:59.4184  E008:31:33.8136  364ft
              Runway 18  closed for landing
              Runway 36  closed for landing
              Start 18 : N50:02:02.1986  E008:31:33.1781  364ft Hdg: 179.5T, Length 13110ft
              Computed start 18 : Lat 50.034485 Long 8.525888
              Start 36 : N49:59:56.1847  E008:31:34.4059  364ft Hdg: 0.0T, Length 13110ft
              Computed start 36 : Lat 49.998528 Long 8.526230
              Hdg: 179.650 true (MagVar 0.000), Concrete, 13110 x 148 ft
              *** Runway *** EDDF0180 Lat 50.034485 Long 8.525888 Alt 364 Hdg 180 Len 13110 Wid 148
              *** Runway *** EDDF0360 Lat 49.998528 Long 8.526230 Alt 364 Hdg 360 Len 13110 Wid 148

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My goodness Ron, I had no idea you would respond with such a lengthy and detailed answer, most of which is sadly way over my head!


Since this anomaly does not in any way affect the actual flight, I think I'll just ignore the incorrect information presented in the RC4 ATC window.


I'm so sorry I put you to all that effort, but hopefully your very full response will be of use to someone else with a much deeper computer knowledge than myself.


Thanks again and best wishes.



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