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USING TTools to edit UT2 .db or .dbi databases...

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Evening folks...

Have been spending a better part of 2 weeks creating my own flight schedules for a favorite airline.

I am done and the result is over 1500 flights in the winter season including various aircraft and their versions, carriers and what not...

The issue is, that though I enjoy the ability to create a AI duplicate of real world schedules, I obviously am prone to typos and other errors....

Power Pack by UT2 offers this capability as well as TTools to download available online schedule databases.

Editing it though.... Is a nightmare... having to delete or edit each flight and its details one by one..... when a particular flight can be flown up to seven days a week but the departure time could vary.... the equipment as well.

Can TTools import the UT2 db & dbi databases as well?

I am trying to figure out how to do global spreadsheet type editing of these databases once having created them.

A tool for this purpose would be a great time saver as well used to create your own database that could be imported via ttools...

Hopefully someone out there is having the same problem I am and has the grey matter to offer a solution...

thanks in advance and Fly safe....



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Along similar lines I have been looking to edit some custom schedules I created with UT2.


In looking at the files I see I have the .db files but no .dbi files.

It looks like Power Pack only reads .dbi files. Is this correct?


Is there anyway to read or convert the .db files so I can edit the schedules in Power Pack.


Been over to the UT2 forum but no answers there so posting here for any helpful info.




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