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Reverser operation after touchdown

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it puzzles me that reverser operation after touchdown is only possible when the nose gear is on the ground. Is that correct or am I doing something wrong?


Also, and this can be totally unrelated, of course, I observed that viewing a landing in FSRecorder, extending the speed brakes takes place only at the same moment when the nose gear touches down, whereas in "reality" (i. e., the sim, not FSRecorder) it takes place correctly just when the main gear touches down. To be sure that my perception of both the speed brake and the reverser deployment is correct, I watched an autoland from the outside, but reverser operation is still only possible with nose gear on the runway.



Lars Wüst

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normally I land with A/T disengaged. I pull the levers back to idle at around 30ft AGL as I've seen it on YouTube.  :wink:


I have a Thrustmaster Stick/Throttle combination, I don't want to reach over to the keyboard to press F1 and F2 simultaneously. Perhaps I try and assign two buttons on my throttle the F1 and F2 key commands. I have already assigned it F2 for reverse operation.

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