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Getting started - correct sequence to install and remove software

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I am planning to get FSLabs A320 and came across that it is best to run with DX10.  I have FSX with Acceleration.


I have a very stable system and was wondering on the following queries before I proceed with any changes:


1. First I install the DX10 scenery fixer...does this in any way affect my addon sceneries that I purchased and installed throughout the past 4 years.


2. I already have nvidia inspector installed about four years ago upon the upgrade of the PC....I note that I have to install the latest inspector with a new profile of microsoft view of this what is the correct procedure...remove the current nvidia inspector and then install the new one or can i just install the latest inspector and proceed from there.


Thanks for any input.




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The fixer is delivered as a Microsoft installer. That doesn't change anything in your fsx system it just copies files onto your computer.


The next step is to run the controller and tell it the path to your fsx system.


Then you install the libraries this step gives you a couple of options about effects. If you don't tick these options then all that is changed is



Changes to 2 textures uses in dx10 only


Installation of a set of runtime libraries which make changes to the dx10 shaders


So no it doesn't alter your existing sceneries in any way.


However without the effect changes lights won't work in dx10.


If you select the effects options then it makes a small change to all your effects files.


They will still all work in dx9 after the change.


if you uninstall the fixer libraries or use the fixer switch to dx9 option then it reverses all the changes.



I cannot help on your second question. I don't even know what version of Nvidia inspector I use.


I suspect the instructions are because fsl have saved their recommended profile in a format from the latest version.


Nvidia inspector is just a gui editor for Nvidia profiles so I don't imagine there is anything to be fearful of in changing it for a later version.

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thanks for the reply...can you confirm that there are full installation instructions within the download file when I purchase the software please.


Will wait re query 2 maybe someone replies but in the meantime in view of your answer does this mean that I can delete or rename the current nvidia and then use the latest one once installed.



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The download is an installer which copies programs to your disk.


Its self explanatory but there is a read me pdf on the purchase web site which has screen shots if you are unsure.


After that you can then read the product manual.


On Nvidia inspector can I suggest that you ask fsl as it is they who are suggesting you need to install a new version not me. However I am fairly certain that just installing the new version is all that you need to do - your profile is actually in Nvidia somewhere.

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