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Driver settings?

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Hi guys,

since i have some issues with my water i want to ask you,

if it is necessary to make any settings in the Nvidia driver?

I use the Fixer as long as he `s out and i make allways only the suggested settings in the NV-inspector.

Here is the link to my post at ORBX because the issue still exists, espacially in the US-regions.

NVI-settings from the DX10 How to from Adam,version 1.08a,Dec.2014.

Any help is very appreciated.


Sorry-----double post.Please delete

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That is what Orbx looks like for everyone. You cannot change anything in the driver that will affect that.


They have taken photo realistic textures and use that when creating the water texture.,-1.1306232,2484m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en-GB


Here is Portsmouth harbour in google maps. As you can see there are lots of areas of purplish mud (at low tide) which is what you are seeing.


All the shader does is blend the water texture with the sky.


If you increase the sky reflection sliders you can reduce the impact a little but really not very much.

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In an ideal world FSX would model tides and blend out the mud flats accordingly!


The majority of the "mud" areas in Portsmouth harbour would dry by 1-2m but that figure relates to the lowest tide that could occur perhaps once every few years.


Today the low tide is 2m above that level and the high tide is 4m so very little of the mudflats would be above the water even at low water and none at all at high water


If you look at the Severn Road bridge near Bristol in Google maps it would appear that you could drive across without using the bridge.


The photo set that Orbx purchased will show the state on one particular day and camera filters may perhaps exaggerate the extent to which you can see down through shallow water.


I have no experience of flying over such areas to be able to comment on what they typically look like.

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