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Vistaliner?/HJG 727 problem

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Hi everyone,


I don't know if someone can help me at all,  the guys over at the HJG Forum have been trying to help but haven't had any luck so far.


I am using the HJG hosted 727's in FSX (not SE) with the correct (latest) HGJ panels and core files fitted and Benoit's fantastic jet sound file. Lately it has started to develop a funny sound issue.


I load the flight with the default trike and then change to any of the 727's (100's or 200's) with the engines running. I get the sound of the jets idling and the clicking background cockpit sounds.

When I power up to start moving, the sounds are all fine until the aircraft starts to physically move, then all the panel sounds stop and I only get the sounds of the engines. As soon as the plane comes to a stop, I start to get the panel sounds again.


During the take-off roll, The panel sounds stop until the aircraft is airborne then they come back and the f/o voice (which is part of the panel) 80kts, Rotate (but no V1) is heard. 80kts, V1 and Rotate should all come during the t/o roll but instead com as soon as I'm airborne.


For some reason, I am not get any of the panel specific sounds, only Benoit's engine sounds while the aircraft is moving. I tried reinstalling the original sounds but no difference. I am using the FSX specific engine sounds and the correct FSX configs. I have since loaded the aircraft into FS9 on a different drive and the sounds work perfectly there.


I just have no idea what the conflict could possibly be?





My specs


Windows 7 Home Premium 64

Intel i7-4790k CPU @4.0GHz

16gb RAM


NVidia GeForce GTX 770 2GB

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If you have never changed your default flight (the one with the trike flying over Friday Harbor), there is no reason

to start your your new flight  using the trike and then switching to the 727.  You should consider creating a new

default flight using a simple aircraft like the Baron 58 or C-172.  Set everything, except the Avionics switch to

the off position and check the box to "Save as default".


You will now have and cold and dark situation and that will be for any aircraft chosen.  You can leaner the simple

procedure for engine startup or almost all will start using Ctrl+E.  That should help with your sound problem.

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Thank you for your advice Charlie. I normally use the Flight1 "Startup for complex aircraft" default flight, but tried your suggestion using the C-172 with everything off except the avionics switch. Unfortunately, it made no difference, the panel sounds cutout as soon as the aircraft started to move and then came back when it stopped.


I still have no idea what the conflict is and have no idea how to find it :sad:


Nathan Ford

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