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:wink: Hi folks! Nice to post again, the reason is that i want to buy a new computer, it's time to an upgrade! My recent PC is a laptop, i was able to run FSX with 30 in default aircraft and some Carenado Fps, orbx, rex 4 , UTX North America, it's a potato, 

AMD E-300 1.3 gHz

2 gb  RAM (1.6 usable)

AMD 6310 (APU)

I am too happy with the experience, despite it has only 1.3 ghz and a little amount of RAM

I want to make a change,  I AM not sure if i will buy a new computer, i need your help,

I want to know if the following pc can run P3D.


 RAM 8GB DDR3 running at 1600MHZ 

SEAGATE 1TB (1000GB)  SATA 3 6GB/S, 7200RPM

Power Supply 600 WATTS


I want to be able to run P3D V3 with Carenado



Aerosoft a320 and PMDG 737

with 30 FPS, just i want an acceptable smooth flight. And some gaming with games such as BATTLEFIELD 1 , 4 , Call of Duty (recent ones) , Train Simulator and other Steam games,and of course some recent games,

I have no experience with P3D, i have flown in FSX, so i have experience with the SIM. I don't know if an APU is good enough to handle such sim.

Thanks for your help guys! Appreciate it! I have NO experience with computers, :wink: 


Of course i will do the OC! Just an extra info!

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This would be better in the hardware forum. However, my understanding is that the I3-3220 has a locked multiplier and can't be overclocked. As such, I think you'd really struggle to get 30 FPS at good quality with the add-ons you've listed. CPU clock speed is the most important factor in FSX/P3D and the normal advice is that you need a processor capable of 4GHz or higher to get decent performance.


On the other hand, you might get reasonable performance if you accept that most of the settings would need to be turned down but then it wouldn't look very good. It's all a trade-off.

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on the other hand it will be much better than your current pc. id try to get an i5 though if at all possible

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Compared to your current PC that is a big upgrade


Still it won't be amazing but you should be happy

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