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I'm having problems finding the best control setup for the FSX trike. This is possibly relevent to the other aircraft too.


Basically I should be able to set the hands off trim and have it just 'fly' straight without even touching the bar/controls. 

Then if I reduce throttle or increase throttle the trike should go up or down, and the bar should move appropriately.


The easiest way to describe this is is when in real flight I should not be 'holding' the bar in a particular place, but letting the bar/wing go where it wants to.


However, in the 2 options I have tried:

1. Joystick - the joystick springs back to the center position, and the bar is always centered

2. Mouse - the bar is always where I last left it, and I will be holding it, so it wont natrually move back when power is increased/decreased etc.


I'm struggling to fully describe this, but hopefully you will understand. Mouse is actually my preferred controller type on the trike, what I'd like is a way to have the mouse yoke have a dead zone in the middle where the bar is free to go where it wants. But if I push forward it pushes forwards etc, then when I return the mouse back to the dead zone it is free to move on its own. Unfortunately it doesn't, it is like I am holding it fixed in that center postion.


Hopefully this makes some sense. I haven't done much 'real' flying yet so am struggling to describe what I mean, or my perception may be wrong anyway, but I believe you can 'hands off trim' and it should just sit level until you push it out of the way, and which point when you let go it will natrually move back to the position it wants to be. In the case of both the joystick and the mouse this doesn't happen and it is constantly being held either in the center or the last position.


Is any of this possible in the config files?

Or perhaps I need a force feedback joystick so instead of the springs centering, fsx controls where the stick goes to if I stop pushing. Can anyone confirm if that is how a FF joystick would work?



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I'm almost sure you can't hands off trim what is in essence a hang glider with an engine.... there's a particular speed range  - the trim speed designed into the wing - within which the trike will try to fly straight and level.... I think!!


I'm only a student glider pilot. They of course have stick, rudder and proper control surfaces with pitch trim ....  :Whistle:


(Can of worms opened... Retreats...)


Not sure how you'd get the visuals to represent the actual wing and bar position...


Interesting post! :cool:

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