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No approach controller - what to do?

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I had an IFR flight to YPPF which had both ground and tower controllers but no approach controller. At about 100 miles out I checked the frequency and saw no approach controller so I set a user way point at the end of the indicated approach direction line. I thought I would contact tower when I was closer and request RNAV for 21R. So I switched from center to the tower frequency and made contact. It gave me a transition which I added to the flight plan. I was told I was off course and it began directing me in the opposite direction to the active and I was still at 6000' (runway was 57'). The approach direction line then disappeared a new red approach line appeared for a different runway. I tried clicking the Approach button on P2ATC but it didn't show anything. I decended, manually lined up on the red approach line and landed.


What should I have done and what phrases would have worked in this situation?


Thank you

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It sounds like you did not have "Force Pilot Runway Selection" option checked so ATC assigned the runway based on winds and a couple of other factors and came up with the runway you didn't want.  If you had checked that option, you probably would have received vectors to the RNAV for 21R.


You actually could have called Center with "<CallSign> request vectors to the RNAV approach to runway 21 Right at Yankee Papa Papa Foxtrot."  IF you had the "Force Pilot Runway Selection" checked, Center could have started the vectors and then handed you over to Tower.



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