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Doors Arming/Disarming function

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Let me start by saying I have been a customer since day one, although I have never really participated in the forum activity, and I do believe your products have been the best on the market for many many years.
So, I'm not trying to whine about something pretty irrelevant, but I thought I could give my personal feedback and see if anybody share the same feelings.
I think the arming/disarming feature on the B777 is great and adds on to the realism.
I'm sure you will be maintaining the feature in the upcoming B747.

What I find a bit annoying is having to arm/disarm every single door and the fact the door needs to be cycled (opened and closed) before being re-armed.
Real world simulator IOSs (Instructor Operation Panel) do have a doors arm/disarm for ALL doors at once (of course they do simulate a bit of lag between the doors to make it more realistic) and I think that would be a much more convenient option for your add on as well.
Alternatively an auto function that arms all doors when first engine start switch goes to start and disarms at last fuel cutoff off would reflect most operators normal procedures.
I think the "ground operation" function manages the doors itself, but I guess some people (like me) don't like to use this feature for a series of reasons.
Did you consider in the developing stage having arm/disarm ALL doors function, and allowing to arm and disarm even multiple times without having to cycle the doors?
What made you decide for individual door option and are there eventual technical/programming limitations?
I personally don't see any benefit in having this feature for single door and I would be much happier if it could be done all in one click.


Having said that, thank you very much for your continuous effort.




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Hi Mike, you mention an Instructor Operation Panel.... is this part of a cabin simulator?  I was always of the impression that in a real cabin the only way to "safe" or arm a door was to physically be at that door, set the arm and perform a visual.  Be interesting to learn otherwise.


The concept of manipulating doors from the cockpit is something that I think PMDG has struggled with for some time, and the implementation has gone through many variations over the years.  My favorite is the ramp manager used in the JS4100 and equivalent for the DC-6, which removes the cabin and ramp tasks from the cockpit altogether.  I think the FS Actions Menu in the CDU is a very clever way to do the same stuff without adding an additional popup or UI, but it is a compromise.


In general, I have very little interest in simulating the cabin, ramp or gate tasks while others would prefer every detail simulated down to which seat is occupied.... it's all a compromise.

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Hi Mike, you mention an Instructor Operation Panel.... is this part of a cabin simulator?

Sorry, I wasn't very clear.

I was referring to the instructor panel in real world simulators.
I'm also not very fussed with ramp simulation and that's why I don't really use the GROUND OPERATIONS function.
When I'm ready with my cockpit preparation I'm happy to close the doors, arm the slides :wink: ...  and go. 
Although doors are operated by the cabin crew, checking doors armed prior/during startup and disarmed after shutdown is part of pilots normal procedures (when available on ECAM/EICAS of course).
I also like the FS Action menu and use it a lot, especially when having a third CDU available.
I just thought a single click option (or even better, an automated trigger) would be more user friendly.




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In addition to the arm/disarm all doors suggestion (which I was glad to see implemented on the 747 v3), I was thinking it would be nice if the arm/disarm state would be saved with the panel state (currently not the case on the 777).

It would be great if both functions would be rolled back to the 777 in the future.


Another nice option would be an "auto arming/disarming" SIMULATOR OPTION (e.g. at first engine start switch START -> ARM and at last fuel cutoff OFF -> DISARM).


Just saying :-)

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