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  1. I agree it has changed. How about maybe it has been improved? I always thought brakes were hardly heating previously so I'm actually glad to see that changed. I think it's just a matter of tweaking the hardware and getting used to braking technique. Just for info, I use FSUIPC with type specific custom slopes for nearly all my addons.
  2. There is no APU looping sound. When you start sim with certain stock aircrafts, and then load the Maddog, the previous stock aircraft engine sound starts looping. We have no clue why. If you start the Maddog directly or with certain other aircrafts (e.g. Baron or Piper Cub), the problem does not occur.
  3. My personal opinion, but I'm not a gear expert and I did not follow the whole discussion here. Why chasing such high FPS (which your eye can arguably see) and stranding your GPU? I have mine locked at 30fps, they are constantly at 30, occasionally drop in the 20ies when I'm at very heavy airports with dyn lights and weather. I feel it makes the whole thing smoother than having constant fluctuations and GPU usage is 50% (vs constantly 100%).
  4. In this case please submit a support ticket so we can keep track if you are the only one affected or there are other users having the same problem.
  5. In order to further improve the service to our customers, we decided to add an official support forum for your support requests and general discussions. The AVSIM forum will continue to exist as a general source of information and community provided support, as it was initially intended but no direct support will be provided by our staff. We hope this new tool will allow you to direct your queries and receive answers in a more structured and controlled manner without dispersing information and resources. NOTE: To register on the official forum you MUST use the same purchase email address and your personal Purchase Code. Please be reminded that the only channel to report bugs or suggest improvements is through the Support Ticketing System
  6. Can you please check that RealLight and TrueGlass are enabled in the LM Setup/General/Simulator Options?
  7. Rick, we haven't really looked into further changes as we are still trying to figure out if the issue has been resolved for everyone. Often users report of issues on the forum or FB page and not through the support tickets, we therefore need a few days to understand if everybody is happy. I assume you did try to tweak your sensitivity back the way it was before the Maddog?! Do they get stuck?
  8. To be honest it was not our intention to release continuous/frequent updates/installers. We used it as a quick way to address the "major" bugs discovered by users and we took this opportunity to throw in a couple of things that were developed/improved in the meantime. Ideally, if things are smooth and everyone is able to fly the Maddog X, you won't hear from us until SP1, which will be a pretty big expansion to this first release, including at least the shared cockpit functionality together with a failures controller/panel in order to enhance the use of failures, creating scenarios just like you do in level D simulator. Between the current release and SP1 we will update only if we consider the updates necessary or of big relevance. We might consider, when reworking the Load Manager to find a more user friendly way to push updates, but in all honesty we never spoke about it yet. I'll make a point to have this option evaluated. Regards
  9. We are aware of this issue, it's in our do list.
  10. If you can't control it and you think it has changed, please submit a support ticket. I personally do not use it so our leading developer will need to double check it directly.
  11. I really wanted the bumping on taxi, too but at the moment it is not possible as we are not able to "recognize" taxiway centerlines, only runway. With regards to wind/aerodynamic sound. We analyzed plenty of videos on top for our own flying experience in the Maddog. In the MD-80 the aerodynamic sound is near zero at takeoff speed, increases at around 250kts, then decrease again at higher speeds. We are pretty confident on the result of our internal cockpit sounds. You can always tweak the volumes from the LM, some aircrafts had louder a/c, hyd pumps, gyroscopes... Personally I also changed them slightly to my own perception/preference. We are aware of the looping effect of the aerodynamic sound, we'll see if we can improve it.
  12. The VMO is actually Mach .84, however LRC shouldn't be that high. Please submit a ticket with Weight and CRZ Altitude for which you get that LRC figure. Thanks.
  13. Yes, it will be implemented.
  14. As of now, although it's not ideal it is normal, meaning it is behaving as it's programmed to: Saved flight DO save fuel in tanks, however by having 0/0/0 in LM and refueled aircraft selected in the options you are forcing the tanks to be empty upon loading the Maddog. Upon reloading/launching ANY flight, the FUEL in tanks is set to: Load Manager fuel if you tick the "refueled aircraft" in the Simulator Options OR your saved flight fuel if you untick it. Like I said we might change the logic in the future for it to be more user-friendly. For the time being can you please try the following: Before loading the saved flight: - UNTICK refueled aircraft in LM simulator options. - Save and exit LM - Load saved flight Let us know what’s the fuel in tanks now.
  15. This seems to be normal... No fuel in tanks, no APU running (if you left the aircraft with the APU on in the saved flight). We will try to add in the future a way to "remember" the remaining fuel for a saved flight or the last remaining fuel.
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