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Paid for MCE locked out of the demo, so I cannot register it-error window screen shot inside

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Please help me.


I was assured that support was fast with MCE, and pray it is as this is a very expensive program.


I was locked out after three minutes in the demo the other night, and got the same error window as is attached here.




My order number is 53644340


Here is my support request:


As stated at Avsim, the MCE demo locked me out of the demo after three minutes.


I was scared to purchase after that but you have a great reputation but even after uninstalling and reinstalling the demo it is still locked so I cannot open it to put in the activation code.


I am attaching a screen shot of the window that pops up.


Please help me fix this, I was upset about not getting to try the demo out, I am going to be highly upset after paying $66 if I cannot use MCE because it will not open.


Please help me resolve this as fast as possible.


I will also post this at Avsim to ensure you get it.


Thank you, Aaron Tirrell, caaront

What installation folder, copy and paste? Where?


I cannot find anything to do with a license in the extracted folder in my downloads folder.

Missed this from a post about the demo locking me out:


"Sorry to hear your Demo didn't go smoothly.


It's unfortunate because there was a glitch in the very latest uploaded package, and we now reverted to the previous one.


Just un-install MCE via Windows Control Panel. Then re-download and install V2.6.7.84




If locked out of the Demo, you can give it a miss now, wait until you have a chance to format hard drive and have another go at the Demo later on.


Alternatively, be aware Aerosoft has licensed MCE for use with their A320/A321 aircraft. We have produced a separate package for them that doesn't require activation.


Details here: http://forum.aerosof...ll-bus-drivers/


Now, I take note you're on P3D V3.4.


The Aerosoft specific package is due for an update sometime next month, to bring it up to date with latest changes in MCE, P3D, GSX & AES.


Sorry once again"


Does this mean I have to re-format my hard drive to use MCE?

Can I remove it, and install it on my separate SSD?

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No need to re-format.


Your Demo will be activated by a license key file that needs to be present in MCE installation folder.


Just need to send "Registration.txt" file found inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Multi Crew Experience\ folder.


I can confirm, your order has been received.


Thank you

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Thank you, just sent off the number by email and will have the key soon, thank you and sorry about my confusion.


Will confirm here and by email once up and running.


You are fast.

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YEE HAW!!! from Texas.


It is working and is perfect.


I just flew a pattern at KDFW in the PMDG 737 NGX.


I had the co-pilot set the flaps to 5, I took off and had him raise the gear, on downwind I had him arm the spoilers, set auto brake to 2, set flaps to 10, flaps 15, and on final had him set flaps to 30, upon landing I had him set the reverse thrust, below 80kts after landing I had him turn off the reverse thrust, set auto brake to off, retract spoilers and raise flaps just in time to exit the runway.


It was perfect, the experience that is, maybe not my non-precision methods.


I had fun, I love it. I am a happy camper now.


Thank you so much.

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