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Before crash tool available ?

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Hi guys,

Lots of things how to analyse post crash situations, but is there a tool available that can warn you when a crash situation is near ?  For ex a warning when you are pushing a system to its limits, maybe you would be able then the to pauze and lower some settings and continue ?

Exisiting processor - core or mem graphs are poor indicators.

A crash at 90% of flight is very, very frustrating...

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There is a tool.  The FSUIPC utility.  When you are near depleting all of your VAS, a constant warning "ding" will sound to alert you of an impending crash. 

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i ll try it instantly; thx !

it must be this i guess?  but its only a OOM warning...


Er, no I didn't forget to turn it off. It is there to warn of an impending OOM. It isn't the CAUSE of an OOM as you are implying.

I did originally put the code in when I was experiencing an OOM, and it helped enormously because i then found out what was doing it. I did forget to remove the code, but later i decided to leave it in because it should prove genuinely helpful to many. What I then forgot to do is document it!

I could make the warning optional, but since the consequence of an OOM is os dire I would have thought that a warning would be desirable. I'll remove it if that's what folks want!?

BTW, the FSUIPC impending OOM warning chimes are a double beep or whatever at 10 second intervals, not 2. And they are the standard Windows "exclamation" sound, on the current default sound device -- just a pair of "MessageBeeps" in fact. Messages are logged to the FSUIPC log at the same time:

**** WARNING! Free memory is very low!


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