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Adrian Black

Disappearing Terminals After Flight!

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Hi all, and thanks for coming to my forum!

This has been happening for a while, and after many trial and errors with changing settings (turning them all the way up, back down, medium, some up and some down etc.) I've almost given up. After a flight, and it doesn't matter how long, quite often the airport terminals disappear on landing. The jetways and AI traffic are there, as well as taxiway and runway markings, just simply no terminals. Which is weird considering the default airport i took off from was perfectly fine. This doesn't happen all the time, but too often, enough times to get me annoyed. It even sometimes affects my payware scenery. For example, i just did a flight from Halifax to Toronto, landed with FlyTampa Toronto, and the Sheraton hotel was missing, as well as completely transparent glass from the terminal, in which i could see the taxiway on the other side. Since it was payware, the terminals were still there, i guess it's just affected in different ways than default scenery. I originally thought it's from FSX simply not being able to handle the settings, since it can only use so much of the PC's CPU, and instead of OOM, which it's done a bit more recently, it simply throws the terminal buildings out the window to save it from crashing on approach/landing. I've never actually seen them initially disappearing, so i'm not sure when it would occur, in flight, on approach etc. However, like i said, i've tried turning my settings way down and it still occurs, so maybe it's not OOM. The PC used was quite high end when we got it about 4 years ago, however not really anymore, especially how we've got 1000x as many addons as we did then.

PC Specs:

I7 processor at 3.8 Ghz

GTX 745



Any ideas would be much appreciated!!





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You forgot to tell us if you changed anything just prior to this happening.  What operating system are you using?

I forgot to mention, have you run a virus check using a good virus program, such as VIPRE?  Download and install MSI Afterburner and CPUID HWMonitor [note: both are free programs, you can pay for HWMonitor, however, it is not necessary].  With these check how much video card and system memory are being used and what percent of each CPU core and your GPU core are being used.

Also, Windows Task Manager [Performance tab] will show how much memory is free at the moment you bring it up.  Also, under the Processes tab, it will show what program is using a percentage of the CPU is being used for a program - again, at the time you are looking at the data.  Scroll down to look at all of the programs.

You can do more with Windows programs such as Task Manager, however, the above is a good starting point - for all of the programs, not just Task Manager.

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