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2 GPU in one Rig or 1 GPU in 2 Rigs ?

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...just wondering, is it better to use 2 GPU in one Rig or split 1 GPU & two Rigs 


Any thoughts ??





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Good question mate.  Firstly 2 rigs = 2 licenses. 

I do not know if you are using P3D, FSX FSX-se or Xplane as I do not know what forum this is (just using front page latest topics... my bad)


2.  using 2 rigs also involves extra software to marry the two systems.


3. I do not know what your purpose is either.  Are you going to use the first one for flightsim standalone and the second for sceneries and/or other utilities. If this is the case, the second computer does not really need to be a powerful system but the extra software is still required.


If you are going to use it to run multiple monitors, I think you will find you cannot do this, so the two

GPU-1 rig is the way to go. However you can use the second computer with multi monitors to run G Plan or other moving map and WX radars etc which that could be handy.


Please be aware that there are lots of ramifications for all of this,


Personally, I am running a 2 x ATI R9-290 GPU system supporting 6 monitors.  Works very well BUT only for FS2004. I have previously run 3 x GPU on 1 rig and supporting 8 monitors.  Worked well also, but I refined everything to my current system which is currently set up for Ifly 737.


Having said all this, I have never had a two rig system and am waiting for some 64bit sims to emerge on the scene to see if they are going to perform well on my system. If they do not come up to my expectations I will be doing just what you are thinking about, to try to get decent frame rates as opposed to screenshots for P3D, FSX, FSX-SE, Xplane10 all of which I own and cannot use.


What you have just read are preliminary thoughts and should not be taken as gospel.  I do hope however, that they are helpful to you,




Tony Chilcott 

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oh, sorry for not posting spec :-)


Running FSX SE, thinking of Home Cockpit setup. Multiple monitors have all instruments Saitke, GF, Garmin 500 by DesktopAviator, and M-Panel by VRInsight   

I'm a GA guy flying low & slow in SoCal with live ATC & no AI, thus ORBX regional will be the only add on.



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Can you tell me how many monitors you are planning to run? 


If your scenery is ORBX and your instruments are USB Plug and Play, I can see absolutely no reason for your two computer set up.


Nor, for the same reasons, can I see any real requirement for a two GPU set up (depending on your Motherboard, CPU RAM or GPU)


Most GPUs these days support at least two to three monitors which should be sufficient for a single monitor (forward cockpit view) and two monitors for side (left and right) cockpit view


As previously stated, I do not know what your intentions are.  


Maybe you are better served with  a Matrox triple head2go (analog or digital depending on your GPU) which would provide a stretched forward view over three monitors, This is a single GPU output ie DVI-i, HDMI display port or Mini display port using adapters if applicable. Google Matrox for your particular requirements.


You can then utilise any other GPU output for a display of instruments as you may require. A second GPU can then be used for any other displays you deem necessary.  Please be aware that the more monitors you use, for FSX, FSX-SE and P3D,.. the frame rates descend at an alarming rate.


To be clear and to offer any further advice, I really need to know 

1. your system specifications,

2. what you are really aiming for

3. if you do not have the second GPU or the second computer, what you intend buying.


For your further information, I can run P3D with my current set up (ie 6 monitors) with sliders so far left, I have to be careful they don't slide off the screen LOL  I have no add-ons and am using P3D aircraft. This (with my ancient system) produces a frame rate of up to 7 or even 8 fps.  I believe P3D will perform better than FSX-SE so please, just be aware that  multi monitors kill frame rates,


I am happy for you to PM me for additional help but if someone with better expertise

can chip in here, they may be able to offer better advice.


Regardless, I am only too happy to help with my limited knowledge.


Regards to all



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